Making 137mm to 110mm ( KH Moments)

Hi, Ive just got me some 137mm that i dont use for anything. And I really wonna have some 110mm cranks for flat and street so I thought about todrill a new hole in them and cut the old one off… But i dont know what size the hole for the pedal is…
Anybody knows?? And if u have some good advices for drilling id like to know :slight_smile:

I know that pedal threads are 9/16 of an inch, but for drilling and stuff i dont know! :frowning:

There’s some good info in this thread: Drilling cranks for Dual holes

post up for trade on here first. a lot less headache, unless you’re just itching for a project.

+1 on that. One of the first rules to learn as a new wrench is to not fix what is not broke, sell it. Buying and selling is an important skill, learn it. Someone will buy those nice 137’s.