Makeshift Ultimate Wheel

This might have been done before i am not sure. I have taken the frame and everything attached to it off.
It is like an ultimate wheel, but the ultimate wheels i have seen have the pedals closer to the rim. I think this will make it easier.
Has anyone done this before and if they have, have you actually learnt to ride it. I have only ridden for half a revolution. Any tips??


Yes, in fact this was one of the earliest kinds of unicycles used. John Childs posted this link in another thread regarding antiuqe unicycles,

From my own hopeless attempts at riding ultimate wheels, I reckon it’ll be harder with normal cranks than it is with a flat disc - it’s hard enough to stop the wheel wobbling side to side with the pedals almost in the middle.

I did the same thing (i.e. take the frame off). I could ride it about 100 feet and turn, sometimes hop, and a few different mounts.

I found it nearly impossible to start by holding on to a wall or something like that. I had to freemount or i couldnt ride it. Look in my gallery, there is a picture of mine and of me riding it.

That is what I consider to be a true ultimate wheel. On a disk type ultimate wheel, you can “cheat” by just letting the wheel rub on your leg to keep your balance, but on a cranked ultimate wheel, you have to actually learn to keep your weight properly distributed. I am currently working on learning to ride one, with 102mm cranks that have a bit of “q” factor (I think thats what it is called when the pedals are further away from the wheel).

Most people recommend wearing shin guards, but I would say they are unnecessary, and without them it will provide negative feedback whenever you mess up and let the wheel hit your leg. However I would recomend wrist guards if you have them, as I have had a number of very bad backward falls, and sometimes my arm gets in the way :slight_smile: Try it both with and without a wall, see what works best for you. Also try seat dragging on a unicycle, as this gives you some momentum already. Just keep at it, and it will keep getting easier. Good luck and have fun!

If you have access to a coker, try it with that. It’s much easier to ride than a 20" one with standard cranks. It’s fun! Backwards UW riding is a fun challenge too…definitely do-able (although my best was only ever 10m or so…but I never really got into the UW riding).


Here’s an idea I think sounds really good. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to try it myself since I don’t have anywhere to set up the ropes.

My UW36 is much easier to get going that a ‘frameless Coker’ but once you get up to speed, they are very similar.

I prefer the one I designed because I can sling it over my shoulder, very easy for transporting. (and many other reasons)

Hey, that’s me!

The UW36 was a lot easier to ride than a 20" UW, it seemed more stable and I guess the speed got the balance up there a little bit also.