Make better plates

Well I might buy some used bedford plate but am wondering if there ws a way to make good plates without welding? I bent a few pairs of angle Iron ones so is there a way to maybe reinforce em?

I just got some reinforced steel plates and put them behind the iron brackets. That really lengthened their lives. I’ve been using the same pair of brackets for 3 weeks now. But I only BC a couple of times a week.

Yeah I might try that. Any other idea’s?

Another way is to get some corner steel brackets and put them under your iron bracket. You can bolt them if you don’t want to weld.

Yeah I’d bolt em but that would kinda screw up grinding.

Well, you have to weld then. Weld another plate under the steel brackets. Or glue it.

Dude, you should realy just weld 'em. you can probably find a place to do it real cheap and you wouldn’t have any bolts sticking out to screw your grinding up.

Have you tried just making the plates out of steel instead of iron?

All the plates I know about that are being sold are aluminum or steel.

Yeah but all I can find is angle “Iron” can you get me a link to angle steel?

I think that Angle Steel is also called Angle Iron.

Anyway, it is probably better to buy premade plates unless you want to learn to weld. Your first weld and design will definatly fail. No doubts.

Umm… I am currently building plates for a wheel in manufacturing class…

My teacher ran over them with his Impala and they are just as straight as before… of which they are a perfect 90 degrees…

But… they’re made from 1/4" thick steel… and weigh… well, you don’t want to know… the foot plate is 10"x4" and they’re hung 3 1/4" below the axel.

Once I sand them up and clean up the welds and paint it, I’ll get pictures.

HAHA I am in the process of making some insane plates that will end up UNBendable, they are 3/8" thick steel angle iron that is 4-5" across :slight_smile:
im curious, how big should I make the foot plate part?

These guys will sell you short lengths of angle steel/aluminum. The aluminum seems to be about 1/4 theprice for the same size/length of material.

I was going to make mine 5" wide… because my boots are 5" wide… but we only had 4" wide stock, and it’s already heavy enough… I made them 10" long though, that seems to be a lot more than enough length to deal with.

Yeah, and its going to take 7/8ths of your muscle power to pick those plates off the ground and put them on your bc.

Who dosnt like bolts?

That’s crazy! How much do those plates weigh?

OMG! :astonished: The BC has Disc Brakes! Amazing!

Video footage?

The plates arnt that heavy, they way they attatch, the wheel, axle and disc brake are heavy.

The whole shibang is around 18lbs.

is that evan w/ a 20"?? (there is really nothing to compare to)