Make a unicycle video win! :)

Hy everyone!

I’m a french unicycler and i’m currently taking part of the Riders Match contest “Trick’s and chicks” with a unicycle video. I’m currently third, so i’m asking you to help me to win and make a unicycle video be on the pole position! :slight_smile:
My video was filmed in British Columbia BC, in Victoria, Vancouver and Whistler while I was travelling in Canada! Just some street tricks in those big parks! :wink:

Help me to win this contest, and make unicycle be reknown as a real extrem sport! :slight_smile:

Enjoy your ride!

The current #2 and #3 (your) videos don’t follow the contest rules:

Are you sure your video qualifies?

Of the top 3 I liked your video the most. Voted!

what do you win?

Be cautious

Be careful with this user.

May be genuine and maybe NOT.

Asking you to download something to add to a video sounds suspicious as this can be used to infect computers with VIRUSES in some cases.

I for one will not be doing this !!!


Also note that this user has only just joined and has just this one post, which makes me more suspicious.

Haha, don’t worry! I’m not any kind of virus or anything else, just a french unicycler, who’s riding for 7 years now. I’m on the french forum for several years too, with the same username, so just relax Joggerdude! :wink:
If i win, i’ll get 1000€.
About the insert at the beginning, don’t worry it is not a problem! :wink:
Thanks for those who follows me and help me win! :slight_smile:

pierze isn’t asking anyone to download anything (aside from accessing a website, which technically is downloading files, but in the context of your browser).

I agree to be cautious because he’s a new user asking to go to a website. I’ve done it, watched the video, and am impressed. You should check it out.

I was just pointing out that the website holding the contest has rules that tells pierze to download a jpg to put in his video. There’s nothing suspicious about that.

That’s ok then.
We just have to be careful, that’s all.

By The Way, what is the URL of the French forum you are a member of?

member since 2007… :wink:

Yes i’m a new member because i was not used to write on a different forum than the french one.

Just watch my video and enjoy! :wink:

Ok!!! One more vote from me! :smiley:

I will confirm that pierze is no bot, but a real person whose video has been posted on the French forum…

Thanks Thieum for attesting i’m a real guy! :smiley:
As I already said, if i win i’ll get 1000€!

I’m currently 2nd and my vid is really appreciated in the extrem sport community! Thanks for those who support me! :slight_smile:

Hi, nice video!

You’re at 1st place now!

I have a google calendar reminder for a few daily contests and added your video. So I’ve been voting daily!
I hope you win!

Thanks you rocks! :slight_smile: Yeah i’m currently first , and i do more than 15000 views on Dailymotion with this vid!

I need all the community to win this contest, the level is very high and the deal is hard to make a unicycle video win Riders Match, the greatest extrem sport video contest! Please give me the maximum number of vote you can, and unicycle will triumph! :slight_smile:

Thanks to those how support me! :slight_smile:

Thanks you rocks! :slight_smile: Yeah i’m currently first but now i have to stay first!!

I need all the community to win the contest, because the level is really high and it’s a hard job to stay at the first place!

Please support me and give me the maximum number of votes you can, so that a unicycle video will triumph in the extrem sport world!! Tell to your friends and promote it! :slight_smile:

Thanks to those who support me! :slight_smile:

My vid gets more than 20000 views on Dailymotion! Continue to break the record!! :slight_smile: … video=1534