maine north shore

any north shore in maine if so where

St. John River.

thats 10 hours away i could ahve jsut said new yrok north shor

If there are such trails in Maine it would be wise to remember that the first rule of unauthorized freeride trails is that you don’t talk about the unauthorized freeride trails.

If there are legal and authorized freeride trails in your area the local MTB shops will know of them and tell you. If there are unauthorized trails they likely won’t tell you unless they know you (remember rule #1). If too many people blab about the unauthorized trails they get discovered and then torn down by the man.

  1. make friends with local mountain bikers
  2. if you cant find any, build.

I think he was saying that that is the northern coastline of maine, etc.

bradbury mountain has some decent stuff going for them, but its not ‘north shore’ by any means. after the winter, If you wanna ride there, drop me a message

I haven’t discovered much as far as true ‘north shore’ style riding… and you probably won’t. I know of a little bit of stuff up in Orono, but nothing amazing.

Fuller - over your break, we’re riding… sometime… once I put that new brake on.