Mah new ride

So I just got in my new uni from UDC. A hefty price later I have my custom kh trials with a carbon ti hub! Thought it was too pretty to not give her a post. I know my original plan was a more neon green clamp with matching pedals, or blue clamp blue pedals. For now I just threw on my pedals from my old uni(all about the pink). I already broke it in right with some grinds and a 720 unispin =p

Looks great! But yeah, I reckon it would look better with matching seat post clamp and pedals! :smiley:

Nice uni, man. I kinda like the mismatching colors hahaha

i love the color of the rim.

I’m alright with the pink pedal but you need a blue clamp

Nice I have the same clamp haha… Custom Kris Holm Unicycles there’s mine. post yours in the custom KH’s if you haven’t already