Magura rim brake bleed kit - $20 shipped. for HS33 and HS22 brakes

Bike shop mechanics in the USA often aren’t sure how to bleed Magura rim brakes and I’ve found that they usually leave more air in the system than I like.

If your brake lever feels spongey or has air in the system or you had to change a broken crossover tube, This kit includes just what you need to bleed your Magura hydraulic rim brakes to get them ready to ride agian: 2 oz. of blue Magura blood, two Magura syringes, clear plastic tubes with Magura brake fittings installed and two new “olives” if you need to shorten or reinstall a brake line.

If you haven’t bled your own brakes before, it is not rocket science and this kit includes bleeding instructions I wrote up for bleeding unicycle brakes using the “two-syringe technique” that reduces the ammt. of fluid you spill and leaves way less air in the brake system. Also, if you already have the bleed kit and just need help with your bleeding technique, let me know and I’ll e-mail the instructions to you or post them on here.

For economical shipping, I’ll be shipping these in a padded mailing envelope, not in the paper box shown in the photo.

I have lots of these kits. $20 shipped in the USA (and a couple more bucks if you are outside the USA). I take paypal.

I also have tons of Magura brake parts, pads, mounts and both new and used complete brakes for unicycles. I also do repair work. Let me know what you are needing.



Hey Bryce, I have multiple brakes to bleed. will there be enough blood?
Also I have a broken braided crossover. Do you have a replacement or plastic lines to change it over?

If you go don’t spill a lot of fluid, this should be enough for 3-4 brakes. I can include another bottle of fluid for another $5 if you want.

I’m out of stainless crossovers, but I can include a new stock nylon one with fittings with your bleed kit for $10. Tell me what uni frame and the width of tire you are running so I can get the tube the right length.

I take paypal at: