Magura MT2 front hydraulic disc brake 800mm black

Like New Magura MT2 front hydraulic disc brake 800mm black.
Mounted on KH36 and then taken off. Never ridden.

$55 + shipping


Magura MT 2 Disc Brake

As with the MT4, the brake lever supplied on the basic model in the MT range is made from CARBOTECTURE. The two-piece brake caliper provides for a more economic production process, and MAGURA passes on this price advantage directly to the end customer. As a basic model, the MT2 is only behind its bigger sisters in tipping the scales, as it delivers the same braking power and optimum lever geometry as the models toward the top end of the range. Value-for-money even for the thrifty - and for all those who aspire to thrift.

Carbotexture body

Lever and clamp are manufactured from aluminum
Feel Safety-Ergonomics
EBT (Easy Bleed Technology)
Weight 345g (with 160mm Storm rotor sold separately)

Still available.

Used Magura brake

Used Magura hydraulic rim brake (HS33/22 frankenbrake). Bought from Brycer1968 for my KH36 and it worked perfectly. Upgraded to disc brake a couple years ago and this is not being used thus for sale. Comes with aluminum adapter.

PM sent.


Magura Brake still availible???

Is the magura brake still up for grabs or did dave already get it?

Both are still available

Both brakes are still available. I paid $125 for the rim brake. Asking $80.

How long is the cable on the rim brake?

About 27.5".

When I had it on my KH36, I looped the cable around the seat post once and installed the lever on the KH handle bar. My inseam is 32".

Bump. Both brakes are still available.


How long is the hydraulic brake’s cable? Looking at it for non-muni purpose, but it’d be a perfect brake if long enough.

Length of the cable of the MT2 is 800mm. Thanks.

Price drop

MT2 $45+shipping. Rim brake $70+shipping. Free shipping if you buy both.



Rim brake sold. MT2 still available.