Magura HS33

Does anyone have a used Magura HS33 caliper brake that they’d like to sell?

I’ve recently gotten my hands on a KH29 with two-hole Moments cranks and a t-bar. It’s the frame style that wants a caliper brake. UDC tells me that a disc brake requires Spirit cranks, so I think I’ll start with a caliper brake until I eventually move to Spirit cranks.

I have one I can bleed and it would be ready to ride! A hose broke last year in a crash and never fixed it haha. I have the parts and all. Where are you located? I’m in Canada

I have 2 complete sets with a bleeding kit, extra pads and mounts. You can have it all for $50 plus shipping.

Hey Jacob. Do you still have this brake?

Hi Ben! Yes I do hahaha. Send me a private message :slight_smile: