Magura hs11 on nimbus 26" muni

Hi everyone I am buying magura hs11 brakes with magura 4 bolt clamps to fit them on the unicycle (Duh) I am also buying the Kris holm brake lever mount so I can mount the brake lever onto the seat.
What I really want to know is
will it fit.
Will it work.
And do I need to buy anything else. I am putting them on a nimbus 26" muni with no changes to the stock model.

Sorry if it is a bit confusing its my first post

The Magura brakes are provided with a kit to mount them on road bikes with cantilever inserts. Which is no use on our unicycles.
If you buy your HS11 from a shop selling unis, make sure they sell you (give you) a mounting kit.

It depends on the width of your tire. I installed a HS33 on my 24" with a 3.0" tire and I had to extend the hose between the brake pads. Which was not as straight forward as shortening the main hose…

The 4 bolt clamp is what you want, and it sounds like that is what you ordered. So you are covered for parts.

Now, to get it nicely in your frame you may want a tap to clean the powder coat out of the threads. I know on mine the bolts wouldn’t go in without it. If you try to force the bolts you could strip the threads. I think it’s an M4x.8 thread, but not sure.

The next thing is an olive, and a bleed kit to shorten the hose. Your brake may come with a spare olive for this purpose. You can always wrap your seat tube with the extra hose to avoid having to bleed it right away; however, if you want to streamline the installation a shorter hose will probably look nice.

Thank you for the reply. With getting the powder coating do you think sand paper will work to just scrape the coating off. Also whats a olive and what does it do I’m guessing its not the things you eat. With the bleeding of the brakes do they come pre bleed or do I still need to do it even if I don’t cut the cable. Also last question (Maby) how would I extend the hose between the brake pads would I need to buy extra hose of could I Just use the left over cuttings of the main hose that runs up to the brake lever and the brake. Thank you for the reply.

There’s a lot of info in that thread:

Ok, back to google to find a replacement for my Magura clamp that snapped today when the uni fell off on the lever - even though it was tightened…

Yes, look at this thread.

No, sandpaper won’t do the trick because it’s the PC that gets in the threads that gives you trouble. There’s no way to get sandpaper into the threads without damaging them (if at all).

Thank you so much that thread is amazing.