Magura Franken Brakes, two sets, used and newish

These are the custom machine magura rim brakes that Brycer assembles from an HS 22 master and an HS 33 lever, then combined with HS 33 slaves, they make a great brake for muni with improved pad range of motion and a less twitchy feel.

One set is red and silver, has very few miles on it, this was mounted on my guni.
One set is black and silver, well used, works fine, kinda sticky at times when cold, could use a good bleed.

Both brakes come with black pads and a choice of red or green pads. I have one set of each of the colored pads, so first come first serve on the extra pad choice. Green is a rain pad, red is a race pad.

From Brycer they were $95 each plus shipping. I’ll take $75 plus shipping for the newer ones and $65 plus shipping for the used ones. I’ll post pics later in the week. These brakes are set up with enough main line to be used on a 29 muni with a short handle and still allows for a single wrap on the frame, so a shorter wheel could be wrapped a couple times. The cross over is big enough for a Gazz 3".

Send a PM if interested.

Sniff, sniff. . . Hope my little babies find a good home out there . .
Its a sweet price too. . .the new ones are going for over $100 now.

And if all this franken-brake talk makes no sense to folks, this is a link to more info on the whole frankenbrake concept and the parts that go into them: HS33 / HS22 Magura unicycle brakes


Thanks Bryce, I am sure they will go to a good home, I’ll interview the applicants and only pick the very best ones :smiley:

Here’s a picture of the new red Frankenbrake.

New, i.e new used, custom build by Brycer, fewer than ten outings, not used in rain or mud, includes black “standard” pads (installed) and a choice of new green “rain” pads (as shown in below picture) or used red “race” pads (not shown). $75 plus shipping:

If you need Magura mounting brackets and hardware and/or a KH Spooner, I have those as well, $15 each or $25 for the works, plus shipping:

The other set of Frankenbrakes are still in use, I’ll post pics of that set once they’re unistalled.

Send a PM, paypal is preferred.

I’ll take the red ones plus the works. I don’t have a Muni yet, but plan to get one within the next two months. PM sent. Thanks

You heard the man, the new one is sold!

I’ll post pics of the more used one this weekend. Used but not abused, great inexpensive brake for soemone who has a need or wants to know how a brake rides…

The Red “new” Frankenbrake and outfitting kit has been sold.

I still have the Grey “used” Frankenbrake and outfitting kit. This brake was used for one year, has a slightly sticky slave, would be better with a good flush, but it does work fine as is. It includes a set of red “race” pads and the stock black pads. Price is $65 plus shipping.

The kit includes a KH Spooner, Magura mounting hardware, extra brake line, lots of extra fittings, and the clamp for changing fittings. Price is $25 plus shipping.

The second set of Frankenbrakes and all the supporting materials are going home to their inventor, Dr. “Bryce” Frankensteen :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking.