Magura Evolution adapters

Has anyone tried the maggie evolution adapters on a unicycle? The evo adapters allow you to use Maggie’s on v-brake posts. I’m thinking this could be a no-weld alternative for those who need brakes.

You take the evo mounts:

and put them on the vee mount:

And, voila, you have fully hydraulic brakes without welding. Of course its not the best solution, but those without access to welding equipment and those with exotic frames that pose problems for welding 4 bolt mounts on could use this. I would give it a try, but I have a crappy steel frame, so I’ll just weld the normal mounts on.

Oh, it’s not that expensive either, since the newer maggies can be shipped with either 4 bolt or evo mounts.

It works fine, the biggest problem is that because you have those little elbow things and a brake booster to stop the brakes moving outwards you cut down tyre clearance a bit so you can’t run a 3.0 tyre. I’ve got standard brake bosses, although welded on not on the adaptor, and I run a 24x2.6 tyre. Never had any problems.


I think phil (PDC) has some like that

I think the biggest problem is that the Rad brake mount is out of stock. I’d be interested in getting one if they had it. Last time I emailed UDC, they said that they may not get them back in.

Awesome, would this work with the Yuni frame?

Don’t do it! Well okay, maybe it’s not so bad but don’t be fooled into thinking it’ll be rigid and just like the welded version. I’ve run my Maguras like this for half a year now and I have just had Tony Melton ( to grab me a set of the weld-able bosses.

I had two problems with this setup. Firstly, with the very low side clearance on my current frame (soon to be re-done perfectly) I had to fiddle around quite a bit to even fit them in there between the frame and side of the tyre. Secondly, and this is a more permanent problem, there is quite a bit of play in them. The materials and joints simply aren’t rigid enough.

Bottom line: I would never do it again…it’s worth paying someone to weld on bosses.