Magura Brakes wanted--ASAP!

Hi all–

I need two sets of Maguras ASAP (enough for 2 unis). Anybody have a set or two not being used? The ones I tried to order through Blueskycycling turned out to be out of stock, and I’m wanting to get these puppies mounted and ready by CMW next weekend!

pm me with any offers, or email me: pkittle (ATT) csuchico (DOTT) edu


Or this

or this

Brakes found …

I ended up with some good scores–one brake via eBay (a nice condition HS33 for less than $40 shipped), and one brake and a bunch of brake accessories (we’ll see what exactly they are when the package arrives tomorrow, but supposedly it’s several spare slave cylinders and about 5 extra levers) from an ex-trials guy via Reno’s craigslist ($60 shipped). So, for about $100, my kid and I will both be brake-equipped for Downieville on Friday. Whoo-hoo!