Magura brake on a Coker

This topic started on a Trading Post thread, so rather than hijacking that one completely, I’m re-starting it here. This was the earlier conversation:

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(The current Coker) brake option is a mechanical model. Has this always been? (My Coker has Maguras, but I’m not sure about the feature change history.)
I think Cokers are a pretty good deal, in general. Perhaps not as good, feature-wise, as a KH or similar, but I have no complaints about mine (which I bought used).

Then followed by jtrops:
I’ve never seen a Coker frame with Maggie bosses. Does your Coker have Evo mounts that put the Maggies onto cantilever studs?
On a side note, I actually think a v-brake is a better option on the coker than a maggie. I may be in the minority here, but it easily fits around the tire, parts are readily available, and you still have far more powerful braking than you need considering the size of the rotor (700mm’s+).

So, here are some photos. I didn’t realize this was an unusual configuration. Are there any Coker riders who can illuminate this subject?




Those are the evo mounts that jtrops was talking about. I have a set of maguras set up like that on my bike and they are great. If you were to take the brakes off you would find a single stud on either side. Magura specific mounts will have two threaded bosses on each side instead.

As far as I am concerned as long as you dont have too much flex in the system the maggies would be superior to Vs but either would work fine.

I dont think I have seen a coker brand frame with magura mounts.

Well, that answers the question! Thanks! I guess either the previous owner (munivision on this forum), or the bike shop he got it from, fitted it with the Maguras, if they didn’t come from the factory.
I don’t notice much frame flex, the crossover brace probably helps with that. As you point out, it doesn’t take a lot of brake force to stop these. In fact, I rarely use the brake during normal riding because it is very grabby and difficult to modulate. (The Magura on my 26" doesn’t grab nearly as much, and I use it frequently during steep off-road downhill sections. Much easier to control.) I do, however, use the brake on the 36r every time I come to a stop and dismount. I really like the element of effortless control it provides in keeping the thing from flying out in front. (I use the rear dismount exclusively, unless it’s a UPD.)