Magura brake mounts and clamps or without?

about to buy a nimbus 29er. it’s asking if i want magura brake mounts and clamps or not? i don’ even know what they are!! had a pashley uni for 16 years, never had to worry about brake mounts or clamps.
using uni for road-cycling in the not-so-flat roads of fife, scotland. some steep roads but not mountainous.
help me obi-wan, you’re my only hope…

was planning on buying it this minute but now i’m all-a-quandry
cheers for the help i’m anticipating

The chances are that you won’t need them to start with. However, it’s very likely that you’ll want to try brakes one day, and knowing what the hills are like in your part of the world, I’d suggest you give them a go sooner rather than later.

Magura mounts can be added to a unicycle if you buy without, however, it’s expensive, fiddly, and will mess up the paint on the frame. For an extra few quid now it’ll save you a load of hassle in the future.

Magura brakes are hydraulic rim brakes that are favoured by most unicyclists. There are alternatives, including normal cantilever or V brakes, and although they might be cheaper, they’re not as good or easy to install as Maguras (assuming you go with the mounts when you buy the unicycle)


so the mounts are not actually the brakes, just the ‘mounts’ to mount the brakes upon? that right???

yes !

Yes, it’s a pair of thredded holes attached to the frame at exactly the right place for brakes.


it was so much easier in the old days getting the damn thing as a present and just riding it. now i’ve to contend with all the tech speak.

as a matter of intrest, can i bastardise my pashley frame? i would love a muni but i’m about to spend my childrens food quota for the year on the 29er and the wife would most certainly break bones if i mentioned ‘another’ uni as if the three in the shed aren’t enough!!
i can see that the bearings are different on the pashley, ‘lollipop’ i presume. can i slowly buy quality parts to fit up my frame to muni standard??

oh yeah!
and what are clamps??

When you buy (errr, I mean if you buy…) Magura brakes, they don’t actually bolt strait on to the frame. You need to get the clamps to clamp on to the brake cylinders and its those that bolt on. But that can get sorted out at a later date…

Most unicycles these days have standard parts and are pretty much interchangeable. Sadly though, the Pashley isn’t one of them. The lollipop bearing holders don’t stand up to much abuse, and there’s no aftermarket upgrade for them other than getting a new frame and a new hub. But if you’ve reached the stage of needing a new frame/hub, then the chances are that you won’t want to put the new hub in to the old Pashley rim as that’ll be borked by then, so it’ll be a complete wheel. Oh, but the new hub won’t fit the cranks either, so you’ll need new cranks. That only really leaves the seat, tyre and pedals, all of which are pretty much consumable anyway, so you may as well get a whole new muni all in one go.

But for now, you may as well ride the Pashley and have fun with it anyway. Unless you go strait in for the serious trails, you’re not likely to break it too soon.


thankyou muchly

cheers guys and gals
much appreciated.
mounts and clamps it is then