Magnificent Obsessions - Unicycling

At the 2008 Moab Munifest a film crew got footage that was used to create an episode of “Magnificent Obsessions”.

The resulting episode was broadcast worldwide on the VoomHD network. It was also shown at this years Moab Munifest and was, in my opinion, very well done.

Several copies of the DVD were given as prizes.

I’ve searched for it online but have been unable to find it.

It was announced at MMF09 that the show could be freely distributed. Would someone who has a copy rip it and post it? Or, if someone will get me a physical copy I’ll can rip/post it.



p.s. I saw dozens of cameras at Moab but I haven’t seen many photos. Come on folks - share.

Keep your eye on this thread:

I’m sure more pics will get uploaded soon.