Magnetic Locking Pedals.

Seriously, am I the only guy who has noticed this. I was on, recently. Lookie what I see!!! Magnetic pedals!!!
So, who’s tried them? Any good. How do they work? I don’t see any batteries so forget electromagnets(although that is conceivable).
They’re also a bit pricey about two hundred dollars(U.S.) for all the parts.

Okay, I know some of you gearheads have already tried them. Please don’t tell me you’re still trying to adapt the “stuff for bikes” onto a unicycle. Clip in Clip out stuff.
So? Should I get some?

Haven’t personally used them, but I know someone that does. They work on the simplest way imaginable, neodymium magnets in the pedal, piece of steel bolted to your shoes. (Shimano SPD compatible shoes). I’m told they work pretty well, easier to get out than “clipless” pedals, but still some of the more secure feeling, and ability to pull on the pedal on the up stroke.

There’s a whole thread about them on the forum -