Magic Mountain Hiring Unicyclists

Well as the title said, Magic Mountain in the Southern California Area is looking for Unicyclists to ridei n the park. This is te Reply I got when askign what Mark Wenzel what job discription would be…

Cody, The job would be riding around, doing tricks and interacting with the guests (telling them where the bathrooms are, when the shows are, etc) Tell all your friends the auditions are next Saturday May 6 at the Debbie Reynolds Studios
6514 Lankershim Blvd
No. Hollywood, Ca 91606
11am-3pm Remember Magic Mountain is hilly so the mountain bikers would be great. 16 or older, please. Thanks for your interest, could be a great summer job then leading into weekends during the winter and major holidays. anny more questions, just email, Mark Wenzel ps visit

Sry the Notice is only one week, but hey you know who these things work sometimes…So anyone who wants to get paid to ride there unicycle in an amusment park go to the Auditions at the Studio on the 6th…thats this Saturday! For further questions you can post, email him, or call him at 323-254-4007

Ohh and on a side note anyone who lives sorta near me Im in the High Desert area…by Victorville. I could really use a ride down there lol. PM me

If only i lived in southern California…

Yeah, I have been talking to him too…I am going to audition soon, I live right next to Magic Mountain…it sounds awesome. I have to be 16 so I have to wait until the end of July then the summer is almost over.
Cody, thats a big commute for you, if you come out here tell me! I havent riden in like 1.5 weeks.

im w/ jerrik why was i not born in california

mannn that’s sounds cool, too bad i live in norcal

Anyone else?

BUMP!!! Only me and Spencer Made it out to the auditions… I dont know if noone lives close enough or there was a scheduling conflict amung you, but I know there are more that would love to be paid to ride in an amusemt park! So its not to late. They are still looking for Unicyclists and you can call Mark Wenzel for any imformation about the job at his number (323)254-4007