mag sealed pedals for $45

thats right
cool huh?
thought that might help somebody out.

yeah I saw those yesterday. Now they are the same price as the aluminum ones.

Nice looking peds but too thick I like really thin pedals with lots of foot area, like drilliums! 'Course they’re TWICE as much $$ but it’s only moneya!


I have the Iron Cross pedals and occasionally my feet will slip off because they are kinda thick. I still like them a lot though. :smiley:

damn I wish i could get these this cheap in the UK, a mate of mine runs iron crosses on his devil and they weigh more than the uni does.

The magnesium ones are still heavier than a lot of aluminum pedals.

haha, oh yeah, I forgot to mention the weight too :roll_eyes:

I’ve got the Iron Cross pedals on my 29er. They’re great. Ok, I’d agree that they may as well be made of iron for the amount they weigh, but they fact that they look so cool makes up for it!


That’s awesome skrobo cause i paid $90 for mine and they even say that they are made of magnesium. But i mostly use them on my coker and sometimes Torker DX. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I wonder if they’re really magnesium or a generic brand. :wink: But still cool none the less. :smiley:

I’ve been running these Kona JackShit pedals. I bought a pair about a year ago and liked 'em so much I’m running 'em on all my unis. About $30. 11 oz. (300 g) ea. So far, so good.

kona pedals.jpg

Ohh very nice pedals you have there underdog. :smiley:

45 dolars seams like a lot for pedals with pins you cant remove