Unicyclists, This will probably only apply to a few of you, so to the rest, I’m
sorry. for the past three years, we here in Madison have had a convention,
Madfest to be exact. It is a juggling convention, but I, as a unicyclist, have
pushed for more unicycling, and this year, we got it. Since we have the room,
I’m looking for unicyclists to fill it with. We already have four or five of
Minnesotas best coming bye, (I think), and there will NOT be a mat down. It
would get in our way. We can play hockey, tag, or anything else fun. Don’t think
that you have to be great, or even good to come and play with us, I’ll be happy
just to have a large turnout. The convention will be held the weekend of Jan.
20-22. And here in Madison, we don’t have school the following Monday due to
Martin Luther King day. If your state celebrates this too, this will be even
easier to get to. If you live within a few hours, or days, or months travel, and
want more info, write me. Otherwise, when I get info, I’ll post it. Since there
will be no winter meet this year, why not travel to Madison, (last year there
was record setting cold, about 60-80 below with the windchill) what a great
winter (unicycling) vacation. Happy Ridin’ :-> Karl Frankowski (Madison, WI)

Re: Madfest

Sorry all, I got the dates wrong on the festival (Madfest). It will
actually start on Friday the 13th. I figured it would be early enough
though that this wouldn’t be a problem. Karl