Made my own seatcover

when the new koxx saddles came out I was wondering if I could make a seatcover just like the White Widow seat
these are the results:

well thats not the ww design is it?

that things pretty cool. I’ve been wanting to get a white widow seat cover for a loooooong time. great job, It’s nice to see someone doing something new!

wow man i wish i could do that.

I made my own cover about a month ago. I would upload photos, but I’m at my parents’ house with dial-up. I’ll probably post some photos in a few days when I’m back in my comfy dorm room.

i made a cover not too long ago its served me well

That’s pretty good, any patterns?

I have some patterns here somwhere but they are just prototypes.
I’ll think about to make a good version and put it on the forum.:wink:

sorry, it isn’t the WW seat but a Black/White version of the Dan Heaton pro street seat

still looks cool:)

My seat :astonished:

wo that’s so cool men

yeah i like it !

more pics…

thats awesome. i want to make my own seat cover