made a small video of my practice

I went and did some practicing

heres the video lol


that was cool…but i have to admit i was more impressed ny your tumbling at the end than i was your acctuall uni.

that was awesome man. truly and thoroughly. stand up koosh koosh is on my lsit of things to learn. and nice hand ww!

amanda gallacher! how dare you try to insult someone. im surprised at you!

sorry about the video quality, its not very bright in that hall.

I need to practice to become good :stuck_out_tongue: hehe some of them tricks i did ive never doon before :stuck_out_tongue:

oh and the tumbling is easy

oh chosen, im level 2 :wink: although if i do the levels i want to be able to do them all lol

all i menat was …i see stuff like that all the time cuz i see all the vids…the tumbling i dont seee all the time so there fore i am more impressed by that.

yea im pretty low on the levels too man, i jsut like to do what i think are hard tricks. i get annoyed when a noob is like im level 8!..and im like yea… yet you still arent anything impressive.

that was awesome…you’re only level 2, are you sure? or do you mean officially?
because backwards wheelwalking, hand wheelwalking…thats not level 2 stuff man.
awesome tumbling, too.

yeh level 2 official :smiley: i can do backwards one footed wheel walk aswell which is even higher lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks dude

Hell yes!

Thanks for posting the tutorial! Nice.


lol ok :P, im going to make another better one later on today with some side ride and stand up glide and maybe some coasting :wink:

you are one solid rider! Thats crazy it was just your practice.

Hey trev finally got round to watchin it
not bad i spose medioca lol
nah was well good didnt no u cud hand ww so well n de tumblin was wkd

Hey man what kinda unicycle you ridding? oh by the way nice vid man ya i don’t think your on level 2 your like 3 or something (nice)

my unicycle is erm some random wheel, 102 cranks, semcycle frame and myata seat, hehe yeh i can do better. im uploading the acromovie i just made with danny on so ill post that up soon :slight_smile: