Mad4One/URC 24 or 26" Muni

Wanted… cause they are pretty. :slight_smile:

Suffering from withdrawal @Gockie?. Been too long since your last unicycle fix (purchase)?

Yeah… I figured I don’t have a muni… and these are pretty…

Yes, they have really interesting colour options. The URC frame that comes with the 24 can also accommodate pretty wide (4”) tyres.

I really enjoy mine at the moment and @grizbach is also a fan.

P.S. I wrote a crap ‘review’ on the URC 24 in the reviews section but I guess you saw that.

I went with mustard (a.k.a. green) but part of me wishes I went with pink. I mean, who doesn’t want a pink uni… amirite? :slight_smile:

You were the inspiration!

A muni is missing from my collection… I did ok in the Novice muni Aus Unicon event in October on a borrowed muni. (Gotta say though, riding muni is so much more work than smooth road!) I think the munis just don’t have the “wow look at me” factor the UDC/Mad4Ones have.

Ok, that is a surprise. Despite talking on here regularly of late I suspect am a pretty bad unicyclist, compared with the rest of you. Now granted I do commute every single day (in all weather) but that is pretty much all I do. I have no real fancy skills to speak of (I never even learnt to idle) and my off-road experience is very limited.

But I do ride in the snow in the winter and I can say that as my first experience of a 4" tyre in the snow, it was quite a revelation. I hoped it would work this well but I didn’t really expect it to. :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing though, if you do find someone selling one, check what kind of cranks they have. All mad4one branded unis have ISIS (AFAIK) but some of the very cheapest (most basic) URC branded unis have square tapered cranks (including my own).

For my intended usage this was/is not a problem but if you like to do drops and stuff, I am guessing you would feel more comfortable having a stronger interface.

That said, the URC 24 mountain unicycles with ISIS hubs are still very competitive IMHO. On their website I see that they list one for €261.48 (without tax). If I take the price of the basic Nimbus 24 from UDC UK, remove 20% (VAT) and convert to Euro it comes out at almost the same (≈ €265) but URC can take a much bigger tyre and has a lot more interesting colour options.

EDIT: Oh and my URC (and the ISIS version I mentioned) comes with brake mounts, while the basic Nimbus 24 does not. You can even order them with brakes as an option at the time of buying. In fact the URC/Mad4one website is very good at offering all kinds of options. I am not just talking about colors (including a coloured RIM if you like). You also get to pick if you want a brake or not, which cranks you want (model and length), what kind of tyre, pedals, etc. I am really very impressed with them!

I’m not that impressive of a rider either… can’t idle, don’t hop (maybe I should try). And for some reason I can’t ride forward -> backward a half revolution -> forward on the streets (whereas my neighbour kid could do it first go). I wonder if it’s a mental issue. Biggest drop height is a kerb…

I did completely ok in the novice muni event of the Australian uninats though on a borrowed 24 inch muni and its because the course was doable. And a muni is better than a standard uni for that kind of course.

URC seem to have ISIS as the standard interface for cranks on the 26 inch size, I should check the 24 inch too.

As to tyre size… I can’t see myself needing to ride on snow, so for me, is 4" wide overkill (unnecessarily wide?) 2.5" or 3" are the other options.

I really like that URC give you options at the time of purchase. I would go for double rim, cause when I had a head on collision with a car on a simple no name uni, my rim completely got out of shape. (Even though the speed was low impact in my opinion).

And none of my unis have brakes, so I would get a brake. :slight_smile:

I am doubtful I can get one second hand here in Australia, but thought I’d ask before committing to buy new.

Edit: I think perhaps they’ve changed the specs so all 24" munis have the ISIS interface? Seems to be that way on the website.
And I think the price with shipping is very very competitive. For the same money on UDC you get a very basic (and not interesting looking) nimbus. Nimbuses are very good unis to ride, but for muni, something more “wow” would be cool.

I suspect the models specced up as Munis probably always did. The title of my thread was “507 urc road unicycle 24" - series 1” because I bought mine as a “road” unicycle and added the big tyre later. It was never listed Muni.

That also makes it understandable that it has squared tapered cranks. For that kind of usage it is less essential and they are cheaper.

Sorry for the confusion.

Indeed, URC/Mad4One have really interesting options and the prices seem good.

P.S. I have totally derailed your wanted thread with all this side talk… sorry :frowning:

Makes sense.
And I’m suspecting it won’t be possible to get a preloved one here.

Hello everyone, I stumbled upon this thread today when I searched for URC Muni. I actually just ordered a 26" URC Muni on Saturday. I got the “fat” model with a 4" tyre, no brake. This will be my first Muni and I am beyond excited!!! I have actually taken my 29" road uni off road on two occasions at a local mountain bike park just to get an idea of what it’s like. While it was undoubtedly challenging it was incredibly fun, even with the wrong equipment. I knew there was a chance this could discourage me, but instead I was energized!! I am now completely hooked and can’t wait to hit those trails with my new wheel! I’m hoping that having the right uni for the job will make a big difference. It can only get better from here. :slight_smile:

Hi @Saintbroken, how did you go?

Well, I finally bought the URC muni beginning of July, it came really quickly (about 4-5 working days after shipment, pretty darn good since I’m in Aus), I ended up getting a URC 27.5” with 3” tyre in black! Even though I originally wanted colours, when I figured out my non negotiable wants, then adding colours to the rim, cranks etc to each part of the uni was going to cost more and all that would add up. Not ruling it out for a future purchase though :slight_smile:

I got the triple hole cranks (Big thumbs up) and short saddle handle (Ok but I wouldn’t choose it over the Nimbus Gel). Double rim for strength.

First feel of the uni was that it rides so easily, feels light for a uni of that size. Feels like it easily rolls when riding on road even with a knobbly tyre. The first time I got on it I started hopping, and felt it was so light and bouncy.

Anyway, my general skills have zoomed ahead recently. Near home I have National park with fire trail and some single track, and it’s become a lot easier for me to ride! Just had to put it on the 148mm hole setting.

When I started the thread, I was mainly thinking I’d get the 26”, but forumites and Facebookers were saying get the 27.5. I was a bit worried about that idea because I felt it might be a bit too big and hard to manoeuvre, but Marco asked me how I would use it, then I thought I would mainly use it on that fire trail and since it’s not particularly a twisty-turny course and that little bit of extra speed would be a good thing to have on it… plus people all said you would run into tyre availability issues for the 26er… And that I do have a KH24 as well if tracks are more technical… Anyway, when I started to use it I came to the thought, it’s really not difficult to manoeuvre at all. Though I would definitely still use the trials or KH24 if the track calls for it :slight_smile:

I wish my ability with rough uphills was better, but I guess that would come with practise (I bail too early on those!)

Note, I think there is truth to the issue about tyre availability, I have a KH 24” and when looking on the internet for a fat tyre (2.6-3”) that’s not a Duro Leopard I found it a real challenge to find in Aus (that KH 24” seemed stupidly heavy for the size and I think it’s all due to the wheel… anyway, I’ve swapped out parts in order to make it lighter).

Anyway, all I can say is I reckon I should have bit the bullet and bought the URC 27.5” earlier!


Hello @Gockie!

Congrats on your new URC muni! I also considered the 27.5 a number of times, going back and forth between that and the 26, but ended up with the 26 for some of the reasons you mentioned - 27.5 might be too big, hard to control, etc. Glad to hear that’s not the case. I’m very happy with my choice. I mostly use mine for light trails/cross country/single track as well. Nothing too technical as my skill level is not there yet.

I hope tire options do not become an issue for me in the future as some are predicting. Time will tell I guess. If it does, maybe that will be a reason to move up to a 27.5? :wink: So glad to hear you’re getting along well with it and enjoying your newest wheel.

Good stuff!
26x4 is another kettle of fish altogether! I guess overall the final diameter would be very similar to my 27.5, but your tyre is fatter.

I haven’t really explored tyres for that size, but if worse comes to worst, just buy a few spares ahead of time and store them :slight_smile:

I guess a load of hatchet owners use that size or similar, so whatever happens, it won’t just affect you.

This lack of fat (+ and lightweight) 24” options was really an eye opener though, I must admit.

I love my 24", but I’m kind of a freak outlier. Terry (Unigeezer) just posted a video of himself going down some gnarly, uneven rock. He used his 24" for that video. If what you’re saying is true, XC for the 29" and technical / stunts on something smaller…that kind of begs the question: Is 26" or 27.5" that much different than 29"? If your 29" is not trail-worthy, or if it’s cheap / heavy, then that’s another consideration.

I think that 24" and 26" are close for the technical stuff as they’re much easier to handle.
27 1/2" and 29" are close for the cross country side as you have a bit less control with more flow.

I also think that it’s height dependant as well.
If you’re short go for 24"
If your medium height go for a 26"
I’m 6’3" and I use a 29" for my muni.

Everyone recommends the 27,5", but I think that’s too similar to the 29". I could go with a 24" to replace my 20" club. But it’s too small for mostly flat trails over longer distances. That’s why I think 26" is best for me.
I plan on riding in the woods with the 26"/24".

I feel the best person to answer the question is someone who has decent experience in both a 26 and 27.5 muni. I was also facing the decision, and I finally went with 27.5 over the 26" muni. I don’t have a 26" so can’t comment definitively that :frowning:

Anyway, I was thinking 26" muni, but people were saying go for a 27.5 due to tyre choice. At the end, Marco from Mad4One asked the question of how would I use it most of the time. In my area near home there is a fire trail and that’s what I wanted this uni to do. Given its fire trial and not very “twisty-turny” technical, just bumpy I went with 27.5. The 3 hole cranks I got are great - very versatile, the 148mm hole setting is good for when you need control off road and I’ve been using the 129mm setting for easy cruising about on the streets. I havent used the 110 setting as yet but I’m sure I will someday for a faster pavement ride :slight_smile: I rode 30km on this on pavement last Saturday, I think it’s a good size for me, good control, it’s a size that’s good for mounting, my riding speed is slower than a bike but it works for me. Note I’m 166cm (5’5") tall, and really struggle freemounting on a 36er.

I actually like riding the 27.5 muni more than my 29" road uni. The overall tyre diameter is similar, the 27.5 just has a fatter tyre but its lightweight and a joy to ride. On the 29er I feel some camber issues which is annoying and I haven’t figured out how to minimise that, maybe I have to put more air in the tyre or switch the tyre? (Schwabe Big Apple 2.35").

Note, if I go to single track with lots of tighter twists and turns, a 24" muni is my preference, unless I’m on the track with friends who are walking, then it’s a 20" trials :slight_smile:

A 26er may work for these off road situations… I don’t have one though. And to be honest, originally I was thinking 26, not 27.5, I thought getting a 27.5 is biting off more than I could chew, but the tyre is lightweight, and it feels easy to maneuver, and I wasn’t expecting to be pleasantly surprised like this.

Note, I had a 24" KH already, but the setup was really heavy. Duro Wildlife Leopard tyre, heavy moment hub and cranks, heavy inner tube, heavy rim… I was expecting the 27.5 weight to be heavier and it doesn’t feel like it is. So it’s easy to maneuver.

Regarding tyre availability, with the 24", finding 2.6-3" wide lightweight tyres was really hard, have a look on the internet for availability. Thry seem to be few and far between. Try the same for 26 and 27.5.

Got this one for my 24" - the one living at my in-laws so I don’t ride it often:

It’s pretty lightweight. Haven’t used it enough to really fault it, and it’s rather affordable. I think @LanceB is the rider who recommended it.

Yes, I picked one up a while back when looking for a lighter weight alternative to the Duro.
It’s a good tire, but the lighter weight meant more flexible side walls, and somewhat less control in some conditions. In the end I went back to the Duro, because I like having the greater control, and just accept the extra weight.
Both are good tires! :slight_smile:

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