Mad4One Tecno Muni 27,5" with FlickFlock and Ursli-bar looking for a new owner :-)

Hi everybody, Muni with FlickFlock for sale!

I´m letting go of my Mad4One Tecno Muni 27,5" with FlickFlock SN. 00003 (fixed/freewheel shift hub) and Ursli-bar installed!

Components see picture (ignore the red WOOM :wink: ), the disc brake is a 4-piston-model.


  • Muni with FlickFLock
  • Quax-saddle with Ursli-bar (long)
  • original M4O fixed hub including spokes

Price would be EUR 1.700; if the original M4O-saddle (with a small crack, see picture) is preferred, price goes down to EUR 1.600.

Just checked - to buy this setup new would cost around EUR 2.400 (only hardware, mounting/installing/postage/color anodizing of the hub excluded).

I love the muni, had loads of fun with it; but since some time I can´t fit muni-ing into my life anymore. My muni-skills are way lower than I´d like them to be (and deteriorating with every non-riding-month), and I can´t even dream about mastering the freewheel; but it would be a shame to let the muni starve in my basement when someone else would have a good time with it.

I´m located in 4020 Linz, Austria; once I sent a muni to Moscow for EUR 50,- postage, so I guess that would be max also for this one (if not less).

Greets folks!