Mad4One/Impact/Onza/Monty/KH Trials and Muni PARTS

Since the whole uni isn’t selling any time soon, I’m going to have to part it out.

Impact Gravity Frame, powder-coated candy pink - $130 + shipping OBO
-Not a single scratch or mark on it. The frame is in perfect condition.

Wheel-set: Purple Mad4One ergal hub and 140mm cranks, black DT spokes, purple DT nipples, Onza Pro Diamond rim $575 + shipping
-To reiterate my last post, I’ve ridden this 3 times for less than 15 minutes at a time just bunny hopping around on grass. This build is pretty much brand new.

Hot pink Fyxation Gate Slim pedals $15 + shipping OBO

KH Fusion Zero saddle + 27.2mmx150mm Purple or Blue (you choose) Deity Pyston pivotal seat post $90 + shipping OBO

Like-new black Mad4One ISIS ergal dual hole cranks 125mm/150mm + pins
(small scratch as pictured). $150 + shipping OBO

Used Black 150mm KH Moment Cranks $50 + shipping OBO

red and black Deity Pyston pivotal seat post 27.2x150mm $30 + shipping OBO

If you’re willing to part out just the cranks and hub I’d be very interested

I’ll keep it in mind, but for now I’d rather keep the wheel built. It took a long time for my bike shop to find the correct spoke lengths, so I’d rather not ruin the hard work they put into it.

Blue Pyston seat post sold, kh fusion zero sold, Monty eagle pro race tire and tube sold. Everything else is still available!

Sorry for the off topic post, but what was so difficult about the spoke length? It looks like a straight forward build.

No idea. It just took them three weeks to measure spoke length, order parts, then order correct parts because the initial spoke length didn’t work well, then build. The my past three unicycles before that only took a week at most to do all of that. My wheel builder is awesome and has always been be solid, strong wheels for both bikes and unis, so I definitely trust his work. This particular size wheel and small-flanged hub was just a bit more tricky than usual.

UPDATE: kh fusion zero sold, Monty eagle pro race tire and tube sold, Blue, Red, and purple deity pyston seat posts sold, pink fixation gate pedals sold. EVERYTHING ELSE STILL AVAILABLE!

Still available:

Pink Gravity Longneck Frame
Black KH Moment Cranks
Black Mad4One Dual Hole Cranks

Updated Prices:

Hot pink Gravity frame and purple Mad4One seat post clamp $100 + shipping OBO

Black KH Moment Cranks $50 + shipping OBO

Black 150/125mm Mad4One Cranks $150 + shipping OBO

Like new ergal Mad4One/Onza Pro Diamond wheel and cranks $475 + shipping