Mad4One & Impact in Canada

For those of you looking for Mad4One and Impact parts in Canada, I’ve heard Grin Cyclery of Vancouver has some stuff in stock and can probably order stuff for you as well. They’re also the only store I know of in North America that’s selling the new line of Qu-Ax. Their website:

Last I checked, I think they had Mad4One hubs, 36h and 32h, but it was a little while ago. I’m just now remembering to share the knowledge.

It’s great to see these parts available in Canada! also has Mad4One hubs in stock now.

Boutique Saltimbanque in Montréal has the most recent Qu-ax parts, they have for a while too.

OMG!!! I didn’t know that… and I dont know why, but the hub only has free shipping to my place… tempting… must resist… I WANT ONE! 32 hole, then I’ll have to buy a 32 hole rim, but I’m ordering a new tire from TartyBikes soon… I’ll have to talk to Santa I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Noli, for that!
We’ve just received our Impact stock.

Indeed, Saltimbanque had Qu-Ax for quite a while, before we even existed. I wished I had visited their shop last time I went to Montreal

Just trying to offer unicycles for local riders (Vancouver, BC), but also high-end parts for a broader audience.
And I leave the prototypes/engineering part to Justin (geared, electric…)