Mad4one hub, Trials Rims, KH frame and more.

Mad4one hub = £75
Koxx orange bud reinforced rim = £30
Nimbus Trials rim = £15
Re-welded KH longneck frame (welded while cracked, frame never snapped)= £55
Old 137mm moments = £20
Really short KH onepiece post (fine if you ride a longneck) = £10
White try all light tyre = £25
Nimbus cyko lite tyre = £15
I have loads of spare plastic pedals, ask if you’re interested!

Possibly interested in the Hub

how many holes
is it the small flanged cromo isis one
does it have the bolts and bearings

Thanks in advance

Have a 32h mad4one hub coming now so don’t worry about the hub questions.

Thnaks anyway and good luck with your parts sale.

I might be interested in the rim.

Could you upload any pictures of it though to check the condition?
How straight is it?

If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get that from and how much was it? (thinking about bits to go with the Notubes Flow rim I can only get in 32, and that’s one of the few light 32h hubs).

Not a total thread hijack, as I’m now interested in the same info about your hub as Feisty was.

I know it’s been a while from this but do you still have that rim for sale?