Mad4one Handle Saddle base - small £40 - SOLD

Mad4One Handle Saddle base - Small.
I never ended up using this (I now already have a medium on my Muni and a small on my Street) so basically brand new. £40. Based in Sevenoaks, Kent, UK

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Ooh, I am very tempted. More than happy with the short shadow handle on my KH but this could be nice on my 24… Are you really in Sevenoaks? I could literally pick it up tomorrow

I’m home tomorrow afternoon from about 3pm if you are interested. I’m in Ide Hill.

More importantly, where abouts are you based? If you are close to Sevenoaks, we should definitely arrange a ride some time…

I’m visiting my mum tomorrow in Croydon and I live in Essex so I basically drive past there on my way home. I’ll drop you a line on here tomorrow - think I will go for it as I have been interested to try the handle saddle for a while. And ref. the ride - definitely! I can’t believe there is another muni rider so local to me!



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