Mad4One Flik Flok hub

I’m letting my Flik Flok hub go. I don’t ride it as much as I’d like to. No picture yet, but I can add some if requested.
Asking 1,000€ for the hub only. Buyer pays shipping.

The hub is the SN00018, black version. Since the first delivery, it makes some creaking noises. At Unicon 20, Marco told me it was not a big deal but to continue monitoring it to see if the noise was fading away. As it did not fade away, I sent the hub back to Marco earlier this year. He disassembled it to check if anything was wrong. As it still makes noise, it is OK according to Marco. It also seems to be a recurrent issue with these hubs, but no danger based on what I understood. So, don’t worry if it is not as quiet as a usual hub :grin:
Regarding its use, it’s has been ridden for a few hundreds km, mainly Muni. Nothing too hard, though.


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