Mad Chill Photos Yo

hers are some PHOTOs form the Tee ron toe street festival.

That Popeye’s is awesome!

their Po’Boys are really good, but I’d rather stick my thumb in my own aorta.

And I like his wheel with the neat spokes.

Great photos! How long was the whole demo?? And how did that unicycle end up in the windscreen?! What happened to the titanium unicycle???

When will the Bedford Team be coming to Britain???

Awesome crowd! I love the trials gear, too! The orange everywhere looks great! I love it that I can live vicariously through the adventures of you guys!

Way to go Darren!

Way to go Team Bedford!

Keep it up!

Those are some mad chill photos yo.

Awesome photos - looks like you had a huge crowd. Many of those are great but too bad the one of Dan jumping over 4 of you was out of focus. Ryans’ wheel…wow. My favorite one of all is the second one: Jeff jumping onto the car. I’d love to hear a recording of TheDan annoucing too, although I can pretty much guess what it was like.


Thoes were some very good pics :slight_smile: The 4 person hop that dan did was great! Jeff gapping to the car was impressive, and a great bc wheel shot as well.
Ryan’s wheel…looks like he will need some new spokes.

-Sabin Arditty

Wow that looked like a fantastic demo, and a huge crowd as well. Nice work on the flamed structures too. As for The Dan announcing, I can only imagine…


so how high was that ‘massive’ drop that ryan did? i’m thinking a quarter mile or so…


bay the dilly, kamma pan on wammy chai

man, who is that “thedan” guy, he is so amazing! have you guys been to his website, OMG LTWE HOLLY DOODLE! anyway, I think hes really hot, not that Im into that, and not that theres anything wrong with that. but whoooweee, for a guy, he is a sexy guy. DAMN!
signed OMG,
#1fan of THEDAN.COM

p.s. yeah uh, cool pictures and stuff too. like, whatever.

We had a great time doing the demos! The crowds really got into it and it’s fun to try and pump up the crowd. I think Darren’s estimate of 1000 people per show is a little conservative.

Our demos were approximately 20 minutes in length and we had 7 riders. A couple shows we did went up to 25 mins and a couple were only 16-17min. Any more than 25 minutes and I think the crowd starts to lose interest.

The biggest drop we had was 7.5 feet, Dan and Ryan both did it, but Ryan actually destroyed his wheel doing a smaller 6 foot drop over the barricade and into the crowd (with the crowd moved aside of course). Apparently the audience liked that so much some guy came up to Ryan and gave him $50 to help pay for a new wheel. That was pretty amazing.

We only let theDan announce a few of the shows. :wink: There is only so much laughing we riders can take without totally messing up all the time.

Anyone interested can also checkout …

Chow for now

great pics.

the trials structures looked amazingly nice. did you guys make them yourselves or what?

was everybody there to see the unicycle demo only, or was there another concurrent event going on?

are some of these demos going to be featured in ‘spaced out?’

great job guys, keep it up.


p.s. thats awesome about the $50.

Awesome pics guys! Man I wish I was in Canada!

Ryan’s blue pedals are awesome… but they look like they don’t have any pins in them :astonished: It’s just hard to see them in this pic am I right?

That looks like it was a lot of fun. There are four of us Australian riders currently planning for a big demo we’re doing for the Australian Bike Show. The other three have flown up to Brisbane to plan for it and are here now. In some ways it will be quite similar to your setup. I’m really looking forward to it.


From the looks of things, you guys were excellent un-bassadors. I doubt anyone was thinking of singing the circus theme after watching all of that. Every person in that audience had to have gained a new respect for unicycles when they saw the 4 person jump or the 8 foot drop or riding the skinnies, etc. You definitely gave our sport a good name.
Thank you!

My only suggestion is to get video next time. :smiley:

I love the sticker on the frame… :slight_smile:


I can’t read the sticker on the frame. ‘My other bike is a bike’?

And I woulda thought Dan Heaton was filming that there would have been some good bits he could put in his next movie if he makes one (please make one!)

Oooh I found the full size thing, it says ‘My Nuts Are Titanium’
Where would you be able to pick one of them up?
I also saw his pedals do actually have pins in them.

Just a question… that special frame that he’s using there, it’s a prototype frame right? Well is it made out of titanium aswell… I know nothing about it other than it’s got no metal around the crown and someone thought Ryan would just rip that apart?

It’s aluminium I think. I remember the post about the seat stem being pulled out, but I think the answer was it’s super tight and welded from both sides or something. I think Ryan and Jeff are testing the frames and that the finished version will be available at There was some chatter about a 24" with maggie bosses.

Man Dan Heaton really is awesome… hopping over 4 people. Him riding for Bedford is this a new thing? Is it a permanent arragement or a one off?

Oh yeah… and any news on the titanium frame price?