!Macht Nada Video!


The video is finished. I’ve ended it early because of school. I want to film more videos more often than these huge project vids. I’ll keep them as tight as I can. But I just want to have fun with them and not stress over them so much. Enjoy. Sorry it’s not as long as it was estimated.

-Shaun Johanneson


once more… an ownage video

Very Very Nice man, Keep it up and keep riding great…at least until after next summer. :wink:


very sweet. how many seats did u break and who got hit by the car

very nice movie

All of your tricks go so smoothly, good work! You’re too good…

(Nice car scene, too)

good stuff

That was AMAZING!!! Makes me wanna go ride right now! I loved the bails at the end. theyre so much mroe hardcore then my bails,lol. Cant wait to see the next one!


HAHAHAHA I laughed so hard when that guy got hit. I feel so sadistic. That was probably my favourite video of yours to watch, I like the structure of some of the others better but this one had cooler tricks and I liked the feel of it better.

Keep em comming.

ps. maybe you should get something stronger for your seatposts :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo I got hit by the car. lol. It was that school project movie i was doing. ha. Yeah seatposts are dumb, haha. But yeah. The flow wasn’t there in the style, i agree, but I didn’t have all the shots I wanted. I should have another vid in about a week. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

very nice. Did you set up the car scene or did someone just run into you and hope for the best?

I hope you’re proud of all you’ve accomplished in your riding so far! Do you ever look back on your early days of starting out and think, “man, I never thought that it would get to this point–that i would get to this level”?

It was an excellent video! And it’s amazing that you might have another one out in a week!

Keep up with the great riding! But most of all, remember to always have fun (I don’t think this is too hard, because you seem to have a high octane level of passion and positivity for the sport)…even when you’re on the ground writhing in pain, or reminding me why I rock a carbon fibre seat-base…haha!

nice vid! the flip/grind/flip combo is hot right now

Im so excited! Really relites the match to get my ass out and ride more. Time for a cold shower.

definately crazy cool… that was way hardcore


jeez i am blown away! You’re amazing, shaun!

that was sick…

oH! Yes!

… i want my unicycle back

that was one extremely good movie,

well done