(M)Uni Geezer: "Sullivan's Travels"

Hi all, it’s been a while since I posted a video, so I thought I’d share this one. I shot the first half this morning 12/21/07 at Sullivan Canyon, in the Santa Monica Mountains, and it’s absoutlely gorgeous! :slight_smile:

It’s a fairly steep, relentless Five mile ride up the twisting fireroad, then the drop into the canyon for another Five miles through beautiful surroundings with a lush variety of trees; it looks like something out of a storybook! :sunglasses:

The POV shots were tricky since I was riding fast and holding the cam at the same time! The second half has some pretty decent drops in it. There’s no comedy bits or stuff like that so it’s a bit more ride-oriented this time.

I do have another vid coming soon that will have some really funny bits, plus my first 8 set! (Maybe even a drop off of a phone booth…Now that’s what I call “long distance!”):smiley:

Linky: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-4cPsAuS6M

another awesome vid Terry!!

that sidehop-mount thingy on the coker looked sick.

great muni drops!


cool video, awesome scenery

it’s cool!

Cool video i always enjoy watching them.

Good work. What is you MUni setup because your rim and tyre look like beasts?

Really nice video Terry !! I watched it this morning before heading out on a MUni ride. Really got me in the mood to go for it. Cheers !! :slight_smile:

very nice video. Showing up some of the mountain bikers there :D.

again. all your videos are good. this one too. :slight_smile:

Yeah I love the rim because it really absorbs so much more shock than the standard KH rim; it’s the surly 65mm large marge rim.

Thanks everybody for all the cool comments! I know this vid isn’t my best by a long shot, but I really love this canyon; it’s not very technical, so more like XC. It’s just so beautiful and a great 3 hour workout! :smiley:

cool vid , i cant wait to get my licsense so i can drive to so sweet trails here in arizona.

ps- did you have to use a KH 29’’ frame to fit the large marge? and did you build that wheel yourself?


Yo Riley! No it’s the standard '07 KH 24" frame. I had the whel built at Cynergy cycles in Santa Monica. I’m very happy with the result! After a ton of biggish drops, it’s as true as the day it was built!:smiley:

col nice work

Nice movie.

You were kidding about not knowing where Beggar’s Canyon was though, right?

Haha well I think Luke Skywalker knows. And also: http://www.beggarscanyonband.com/

Way to go, Terry. Always inspiring. My son is a fan - always saying “show me the one where he does the unisizer” or “show me the drive-thru one again” …

Thanks for another video Terry, Some great riding, hopping and dropping. Oh man, so close up on that impossible steep trail (with the rock bump at the peak).

Happy Holidays!


Haha yeah that uphill run is soooo much steper than it looks n video, which tends to flatten stuff out so much more than it actually is. I’ve tried making it up at least 20 times, but can never quite get it!

John Long, a very accomplished Muni-er and world-class rock climber, came the closest but still none of us have made it all the way up! I was able to side-peck all the way to the top though.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks I really appreciate the encouragement; it motivates me to keep making videos! Only thing is, I think I’m running out of things to do! I don’t want to repeat what I’ve already done. :slight_smile:

Thanks I’m gonna try that 36er side mount thing again but hopefully stay up there and hop around a bit, then drop back onto the pedals and ride off!:smiley: