Lunstix juggling!

I was at the “explOratorium” yesterday with my friend (who just recently started uni-ing) and the store had those lunastix stick juggling things. I thought they were interesting for my uni so I bought 'em and I think they’re pretty fun, but really challenging. Does anyone else juggle with lunastix?

BTW, you can find a lot of info at

Gah! Pfft! I hate laptop keyboards! :stuck_out_tongue:

The topic should be lunAstix, not lunstix… pfft…

I use them. I actually won a set in a juggling competition (I think I got last place in my division, but they had a plethora of prizes). They are similar to devil sticks, but stickier and with tassles at the end, right? I’ve never tried using them on my uni, but it could be fun…

Yeah, basically, but what are devil sticks?

Devil sticks are those things where you have a long stick in the middle and you are flipping and twirling it with two seperate sticks in your hands.

Here’s a picture of some:

Here’s a link to my gallery, there’s only one item in it and it’s a photo of me at a convention doing two devil sticks.

I found it in quite a bizarre fashion as I didn’t know anyone had taken a photo. Then, last year I was doing an internet search for ‘double devil sticking’ and saw a text link to a photo of some guy double sticking; it was a really strange feeling as it downloaded and I realised that it was a pic of me.

Re: Lunstix juggling!

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> Yeah, basically, but what are devil sticks?
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> Jax - Level 2.5
Like Lunastix, but less sticky and with no tassels!

You have two handsticks and at least one devilstick (longer and thicker
than the handsticks) - check out Flowersticks are
similar, but they have tassels, so spin more slowly.



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