Luna Tire

Ive recently aquired a luna tire from a friend the other day. but before i put it on and waste my time just to find that its complete crap ill just ask arround first. I have read “The Official 19” Trials Tire Thread" to see this about it

but this doesnt realy tell me very much. so what do you think of it, is it any good?

You already bought it, you might as well try it.

Personally I like it but not everyone does.

This is definitely an urban tire, and better suited to big street riders. When I think luna, I think big stair hucks. Just give it a go and see if you like it.

firstly it was given to me

so when you say this, does it suit the heaver street rider that when you gap stairs the rim wont hit as much as the luna has thick outer walls and a strong compound?

i do like gapping stairs but i dont do it that often thinking im gonna break something

Luna = street.

I really like it for street, but it’s horrible for trial.

I’m a Trials rider… and I like the Luna, what I like about it is that the nubs are really hard so in natural lines I fint it really grippy. I love Lunas:)

If I were you I would be shaving it down into a slick. Lunas make the best shaved tires, IMO. And since you got it for free, you wont feel like you are wasting the years it would take to wear down the knobbies by not riding them… which would take a long long time, those things are hard.

Shaved Lunas are perfect for street and flat and the compound they use gives a little more grip for trials than a shaved tryall, though its obviously not the best setup for trials, nor was it to begin with.