Luke Leckenby - Street and Trials

kid from canberra who has been riding for 4 years and remained hidden from the rest of us until recently. the aussie street scene is growing!

Great style! It’s good to see someone who can do big handrails (how big was it?), and apparently not crankflip. :slight_smile:

It was just a street riding approach.
Its been a long time since I have seen somebody ride like that and not do any unispins or flips.
It was fun to watch but would have been a lot cooler had he done some flips or something with that stuff. Every time he was on the back of a bench or something I wanted to see the flip off of it… But, like I said it was fun to watch.
Really like the hop from the pole to the table at 1:07. Looked so nice.

Really cool style - the only things I didn’t like were those prehops.

nice vid :slight_smile:
some pretty good and original lines… :roll_eyes:
and I don’t know why… But I love his style :smiley:

great Street style, big lines and very clean riding!
It funny to look your video!

Nice grinds :D.

It was a twelve set if I am not mistaken. I didn’t like the beginning but it got better afterwards.

clean? what was so clean about it? i thought he had a pretty rough, aggressive, riding style. it works for him obviously.

sick rail at the end.

I agree with this one…

+1 ^^ but it looks nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Beauty of an old schoolish style, eh? Quite rough, but rough is awesome. There was some big stuff, and an odd sense of flow to it all, I dug it.

Yahhh, flipless/spinless street!

The style was really nice and but there were a ton of prehops on everything.

+1 here.

Awesome agressive style, and brave to try some big stuff, but too many hops in the lines!

Keep it up, take this hops off and you’ll get a mad riding!

dont u ever get bored of seeing people just flip everything all the time? just enjoy the variety of riding styles.

13 if u count the extra one at the bottom. and im surprised noone has mentioned this but i personally feel as tho the MGMT song ‘Kids’ was a great song, and these hip hop douches absolutely slaughtered the song. its horrible to listen to and horrible to edit to. thats y the editing isnt so great. and i had to use it cos Luke insisted on it even tho i tried talking him out of it.

also about his style, yes he has an old skool rough aggressive style (he even holds the seat with the hand he hops towards). thats the way people rode years ago and its the way the sport started. i love his style heaps and wat impressed me most was that he had basically no fear. he would hit most handrails without a second thought (altho the 12/13 set did take a lot longer). the entire thing was filmed in just one short day. that impressed me also. but yes he did do a lot of pre-hops and his smoothness and flow needs work in some areas.

anyway thanks for the comments guys.

EDIT: forgot to mention. yes he cant cankflip or 3spin. thats y there werent any. and i like that, especially if he can grind a thin round 12 set instead. big/old skool street power!

I dunno man. Id rather see a crankflip into a 12 set then a normal 12 set you know what I’m sayin???

Nice vid tho, cool to see. But besides the last grind, nothing much else to comment on.

Go street!

YEah man, nice vid! Love to see some big with no flips and spins!!

Pretty entertaining to watch! :slight_smile: some serious balls and awesome grinding and 180 gaps. didnt think that there was much flow in the riding though, prehops have gotta go man :stuck_out_tongue:

i miss Belconen, cant wait to uninats.

2:47 is death.Should have gapped to grind :sunglasses: and riding handrails that fast is death also.Good video though

cool vid, i must agree with the guys saying it was nice not having any flips or unispins. To me watching flips and unispins makes the rider seem not connected with the uni as much, whereas doing hops off stuff, and twists down stairsets without any flips makes the rider look more solid and at one with the uni.