LUC Jersey...real life pic

Hey, these turned out pretty good!

They will all go out today to everyone. Thanks


Wow, look at that, another unicyclist with really awesome quads :sunglasses: … oh, the jersey, oh right… ah, yeah, it DOES look cool (too)!


Sofa, please tell me you lift weights as well? If not then you have awesome quads for just riding the one wheeled beast!! :wink:

I squatted years ago (for about a year), but all my leg work now comes from riding. I use the rides as a workout routine as well, like, how to get up a hill isolating/building which particlar muscles, for example.

I do interval training to simulate reps in the gym, sprints, anoaerobic stuff, etc…

I still do upperbody weight training though

Great looking shirt!
If I lived any where near Ontario, I would have picked one up. Of course I would also be a part of the club.

How comfortable is the shirt? Does it breath well?


6 of the 17 shirts were ordered from non-LUC’rs! (and thanks to those…and to Drewnicycle who sparked the idea)

It is your typical breathable bike jersey. Any bike stoire will have about 50 different styles. (Sugoi is a well known jersey making company, and as fas as I know, does custom jobbies like this…although I never really researched it) Anyone who rides in the warm temp without a bike jersey is missing EXTREMELY great comfort in their riding attire!

Everyone, make your next uni thing purchase(s) a cycling jersey…and shorts!