low kris holm price

Has anyone else noticed that unicycle.com has lowered the price of their kris holm 20" unicycles from 499.99 to 449.99 thats a great deal for that unicycle, i was going to buy one from there until i got this onehttp://cgi.ebay.com/Kris-Holm-20-Trials-Unicycle-UN2020_W0QQitemZ190176325699QQihZ009QQcategoryZ2904QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
for $413 that is cheaper than aebike why are all these prices changing now? luckly i waited to buy mine

thats not a bad price. if i didn’t already own one i might buy it of ebay

The wholesale price isn’t so high

A E Bike sold me a KH 20 for $363 last spring. Then Kris caved in to shops that wanted him to enforce a MSRP against A E Bike. So they can’t advertise their real price, or he will cut them off. You can read all about it in this thread.

Cool posts from Kris and A E B that pretty much explain the story.

I don’t know what A E B is charging now, you have to email them and ask.

I kinda got the opinion that Kris likes the retail bike shop model of distribution. Uni’s are a very niche market, and will remain so IMHO. I wonder how many more units KH would sell if he shipped them from his own web site for $350 each ?

The internet mode of sales isn’t the future, it is the present LOL !. I bought all my uni’s on the net, and I bet that is true for most of our purchases in the last 5 years. Screw retail LOL !:slight_smile:

Anyway, read the thread I linked to above. Kris and A E B had interesting things to write. I think that KH wholesales the KH 20, at least last spring,for around 325 $. Then A E B added 10 % and sold it to me, I guess.

Because the USA dollar is going down lately, I think the wholesale price of a KH (or any imported thing) should go up in the USA. The $400 ish price is a fine buy for an excellent uni IMHO.

Thats from AE.

Sales on KH Models.

AE still gives a pretty good price at $415 + $20 Shipping. The ebay deal is also very nice.

I am guessing that Kris is going to have newer KH20s comming out soon and the distributors want to get rid of all the old inventory first. Lets face it who is going to buy an 07 when you can get an 08 with improvements.

However for the AE Bike and the Ebay prices it is probably a good deal to get the outdated model. I bought my KH29 2005 model at a nice discount from MDC after the 2007 model came out and don’t regret it.


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Name signing

I feel that it is just curteous to sign the name. Basically thread posting is parallel to writing a letter. I would never write a letter without signing the bottom. If this bothers most people here on the forum I will stop. This is the first time someone has mentioned this and I have been a regular contributor to the forum for about two years now.


nobody complains when Danger Uni signs “Kris” after his posts.


I doubt that the 08 kh will be different

Not that I know anything you guys don’t. It’s just that Kris tends to write about new stuff long in advance. Maybe he will change his MO this year, but it seems unlikely. Plus the 07 had a lot of new stuff, and seemed well received. It seems a bit early for a major revamp at this time. The new moment cranks are so popular people are putting them on other uni’s. So my crystal ball says no real changes for 08, besides what Kris has already wrote about, the geared hub, etc.

Rising fuel costs raise shipping costs, and for manufacturers, production costs. This is even more incentive for KH to not fix what isn’t broke. Even if he changes nothing, he must pay more to get his stuff now.

I think that the current 400 ish price is unlikely to get better this year, if ever.Taiwan (source of most KH parts), will be hit bad by rising costs of materials and energy. I think they have to import almost everything, and are heavily linked to the declining USA dollar. So if you want one, buy now LOL !:slight_smile:

Sales on KH Models.

Feel the Light could be right and there will not be any revamps on KH models in 2008. There usually are sales after Christmas to get rid of unsold inventory.
Kris has also stated that in he was going to make gradual changes to his equipment like the “two holed” cranks that came out a few months ago. Who is going to want a Fusion Freeride 2007 saddle if lets say a new saddle with a desinged in grip for SIF comes out? I think that we are going to see some changes in the KH models this year. Probably not revolutionary changes like withthe 2007 but Kris is an inovator and he will keep working to improve his product. Besides, he probably has more time to work on improvements now that he can’t ride aggresively. Let’s hope that he heals up fast and completely!