Love Suffocation
My first tryes of doubleflip

i found them easier to learn on flat, plus try practicing catching your cranks early, that way you know you can get that snap down.

nice vid


thanks for the tips! gonna try this monday

Eh, i can tripleflip on flat (well… 2.75 flip is my best so far) but i cant catch forward crankflips in midair (sadly enough). I wouldnt say that catching flips is a necessary step towards doubles. It is helpful, however, if you plan on flipping 6 or more stairs.

its how i learned them, so i thought i would pass it along, and you cant say “EH”, youre from the u s of a

+1 :stuck_out_tongue:

That vid was hard to watch. I didint like the music and thought the clips were slowed down waaaaay to far.

Its used differently in the U.S. like “meh” - " 'eh". Instead of at the end of a sentence, eh. Yours is more of a question sounding like “A” eh?

'eh, Im prolly wrong… and thats how its done in the U S of A.

more like the U S of “EH”

Couldnt have said it better myself.

Canadian: That’s good, eh?

Pele/some USA: Eh, i disagree.

my kind of eh is more like a not exactly, while the canadian eh is like don’t you agree? They are more or less antonyms hah.

edit: i didnt mean to completely shut down your catching flips early practice technique. Im not saying it couldn’t possibly work, just saying its not an absolute necessity. I apologize if that sounded rude.

I found that video brutal to watch, mostly because of the slow motion. So I didn’t finish it.

But good luck, you seem to be doing pretty good.

I didnt make this video for the skill but for artistik, because when I watch it it make me thinking about something special. Sorry for the long slowmotion I know it can be boring but for me it was important.