lost 10 lb. riding my uni!

After my wife commented I looked thinner, I weigh myself last night and found I lost 10 pounds!
Since I got my Coker 2 months ago, been riding it every spare time I had. Guess this is a side benifit of riding my uni 6 days a week.

WOOT! WOOT! :smiley:

forget Atkins…
let’s all go on the one-wheel diet!

nice job :smiley:

good job
just another benefit of the great unicycle

the only reason I learnt to ride was to get fit. it worked, lost about a stone which I’ve (more or less) managed to keep off.

My wallet’s much lighter too, and continuing to lose weight. :smiley:

Yeah man! Low carb diet my a$$. I say go for the low wheel count.

True. I got back into unicycling when I needed to lose weight. I lost a stone and a half (21 pounds). Much of that went back on when I stopped riding for a while.

I do fencing and dancing, both of which are high burn aerobic sports, but they don’t compare with unicycling.

Im on the Atkins diet…

The Ryan Atkins Diet that is.


I fence foil a bit. I figure fencing and unicycling compliment eachother very nicely! I may be moving to the Penn State area and they have a great fencing program so I may be doing more of that very soon.


I also lost 10 pounds after about 2 months of very frequent riding. I’m feeling way better, looking a lot more slim and excited to keep on going (with my shirt off)!