Los Angeles Uni Roundup Report

The Uni roundup was a success! Despite the 100 degree heat, we were all intrepid and made it around the park. The young uns rode up a storm throughout the day. This year’s turnout brought in some new multi age riders. Conversations started with unicycles, of course and went on from there. There were plenty of unicycles to try. Everyone shared with zest. A bag of Allen wrenches sat on the table for adjustments. The younger riders congregated in one area and the older riders hung around the awning in the shady grovelette of trees we were stationed in.

We changed the schedule in the middle of the day when some of the MUni riders had to leave to get some grub. Originally, the lunch was scheduled for after the park ride, but I think moving lunch before the ride worked out better in the long run. The shaded grouping of trees provided a respite from the intense heat of the day.

We had a delay in starting the park ride, because I was meeting with the trials committee. Having not done this part of the event before, we had to work out some glitches. I appreciated everyone’s patience.

It turned out that some of the younger riders, had been riding for hours the previous day and evening, and were already a little wiped. The MUni guys and Morgan were already wiped from the earlier MUni ride. It evened things out for all the riders.

We began our park ride with myself at the lead. We turned into a uni train as we all stretched out along the trail. Al Karel, on his 29er took the lead from us on our Uni 24s about a quarter of the way. Then, while in the lead, he does a gentlemanly thing of stopping to taking pictures. Cars stopped as we crossed the main park road onto a gravel like access driveway. We continued gallantly around on to a hard packed dirt path. As I was riding this stretch I noticed a hill to the left with a fork in the trail. ”Ohhh nuts”, I thought - I forgot about that hill. Then, instantly, I thought of Jonathan and Michael… Jonathan Kelley and Michael Carrington got lost last year on a cross park odyssey that turned into a 5 mile tour of the Sepulveda Basin because I hadn’t marked the course. I began to think, “Will some of the riders go up the hill, and in this heat?” We made it back, but as it turned out, yes, Jonathan had walked up the hill, not knowing which way to continue. Lightening strikes twice. :wink: I won’t make that mistake again. We curve around and are almost back at the encampment. Jess sees a corral type fencing and then gets up on it. After a few tries, he manages to ride about 6 feet. The fence is two to three inches wide and about 5 feet up. Eyal was also up there. I was happy just standing on the cooking concrete, watching.

Finally back at the ”resort”, we hung out and recovered from the inferno that consumed us. Erik wrote the directions for the trials sections and I taped them down.

Then the trials competition started. It’s 2:15 in the afternoon and the temperature is near the 100 mark. These guys are pouring it on, and I am not talking just about the sweat. I glanced over at Jess at one point and watched him fly from one line to another. I had set the time at 1.5 hours to complete all the lines. Fatigue was setting in for some of the MUni riders and you could see that they were “fried”. Jarrin and Cody deserve honors for determination. Both riders kept on pursuing one or two lines that evaded them well up into the 1.5 hour mark, but through sheer determination, fortitude and perseverance, they continued on to finishing all of the lines. Both were red faced, but smiles when they finished.

Personal schedules called for leaving the trials competition early for some riders. (I will post the scores later) A number of riders completed all the lines, but then had to leave while others remained determined to ride all 16 lines. This created a small problem, which I have yet to work out. I had some prizes for first and second place and no opportunity to do a tie breaker.

I really enjoyed meeting everyone again. There may be another Uni roundup planned for early November which will be organized by someone else. During the next year, I want to plan the Uni roundup for much earlier. We can’t due this in the heat anymore. That’s two years running with high heat.

Many thanks to all my helpers. Mike Sode helped me with the set up in the morning and laying out the signs marking the trail. John Long led the MUni ride down Hummingbird. Erik, Jake, Cody, Spencer, and Evan represented the trails competition committee in laying out the trials sections and Erik wrote the directions for the sections. Thanks also to the riders from the Santa Barbara area for making the trek southward for the event.

Pix to follow.


Thanks, Rod, for putting on the event and supplying the water. Josh and I had ridden hard on Friday and after the morning Muni ride on Sunday then the big lap around the park in peak heat I lost all motivation and just drank water and goofed off. We ought to have a winter Roundup next year.

I drank at least ten bottles of bottled water, so whoever bought it, thanks.


Great uni gathering Rod. It was fun meeting new people and doing the trials course!

roundup reply

thanks for all the work you put into this
It was fun riding and meeting some new people and seeing some old friends
Wish that park was a little closer to home, great fake rocks to play on!
See ye around


Oiy, this is Cody On Spencers comp…Did you ever find out how many people actually did finish all the lines…I would have finished earlier, but that gap held me up, I went for one last attempt after Eric and Jake left and I made it the 2nd or 3rd try :-D…So I didnt finish as early as say Jess but I think that was still pretty good that I finihsed them all since my ankle was badly sprained, looks like crap today all bruised up and swollen… But I only had 1 to 2 lines left as Jess finished…Ohh and how many people were able to do line 16(I htink it was 16) the line that you had to grab the cranks from one side to the other?

You are one determined fellow. I bet if your foot fell off, that still wouldnt stop you from riding!:smiley:

Jake got line 16 no problem. I eventually got it, but man it was ugly!!! That was the hardest line for me.

I need to learn to hop higher, I thought that 9 was the hardest line there. Line 16 was one of the easiest for me.

I did the totals on the trials comp, but I am waiting back for a response from Evan, first. I can’t find his card. He is usually on line at night. As soon as I get it, i will post the scores.

BTW, think about how you want to work out the prizes. All you guys are winners for riding in that heat. There are more than 3 people that cleaned all the lines, so we need to figure out how to place everyone. Anyone got any simple ideas.

I will mail the stuff to you.

This was a low budget affair… so

First place gets a Muni Militia shirt. It’s black. I think it says, “One Wheeled Death Squad” on it. I can’t verify that right now, I am not at home.
Second Place gets a TEAM OF ONE Shirt. On the back it says, “Who needs 2 wheels, anyway…”
Third Place gets a free drink certificate to Jamba JUice.

If the second place person already has a Team of ONe shirt, I will send them a Jamba Juice drink certificate, instead.

Peace Out

I’m not worried about a prize. My prize was getting to ride with all you great people!!..awww…cheesy. :roll_eyes:

You can pass the prize on to whoever wants it OR save it for the next cal muni weekend and donate then!

You don’t have Evan’s card because he never gave it to you. He did 5 lines then sat on the grass for the rest of it.

Here are the totals for the lines

Cody rode all lines 1 - 16
Jess all lines 1 - 16
Jarin all lines 1 - 16
Erik all lines 1 - 16
Jacob all lines 1 - 16
Spencer lines 1,2,3,8,10-16
Josh lines 1,2,3,6,13,14,16
Eyal 1,2,3,9,16,12,13,14
Evan 5 lines

It was amazing to watch everyone. Ride safe!

Pix are up at http://pictures.aol.com/ap/viewAlbum.do?user=guest&mode=guestView&shareInfo=aeVRhXusOtKeb25ZkX51Oqh24Pm5aTSRHYAo2XDNmfO%252FjFCnkV3ciA%253D%253D&albumId=64237.994.1149552606146.3 thanks to Spencers mom!!

The group shot is now up on http://unicycleroundupla.com

BTW, someone pm’d me. I can’t get to my PM’s cuz it’s stuck on the MUnieer screen name. You will need to email me at teachndad (att)gmail (dott) com so I can get your message.


It was definitely great getting together with a bunch of one-wheelers! Like others have said though, it sure was hot as hell. Thanks again for organizing Rod, you’re the man.

All you muni no-showers are lame!



Heh, Cody, Evan and I went to bed at 3:00am the night before and we would have had to get up at 6:00am. I like sleeping enough more than muni;)

Yeah, I like the sleeping part. Ohh and Mango I cleared the gap right after you left I think 2nd or 3rd try, seat in using a diferent tech. So I was able to complete the course on a badly sprained ankle, that landing hurt so bad, I had to grab line number 9 it hurt to bad to hop that on the ankle… But what was kinda dumb is on the bad sprain, I was still doing some mean trials the next few days… I hope up a bench to the back put the seat in then to a rail then droped 7 ft from that :-D! And then later that day I was hopping down an 8ft+ drop, My ankle wouldnt even move after that, and my knee is killin! bent up my whole uni, Qu-ax rim, 10 spline cranks, Jimmmy C pedals, Stiff stick seat post, Kh Saddle, and well everything! :smiley: