Loose Main-Cap Bearing Housing nuts: Good?

Here’s a strange discovery…
Everytime I am riding well and actually freemounting with some regularity, whenever my unicycle responds to my every whim and command, I discover that the Main-Cap Bearing Housing Assembly on the left side of the axel is loose. Not by much, but enough to give my axel a bit of “give and take.”

I tighten the two screws, and then my unicycle does not ride as well. The wheel turns fine, but any time the two screws (or nuts) on the left are not jangling ever so slightly, I start riding like crap.

They always get loose by themselves–I am wondering if there is a structural flaw in my frame, or perhaps it is my riding.

My real question is, does it matter? When the two screws on the left side give my axel a bit of give, my riding is a hell of a lot better and I have a lot more control over the machine. I tighten them, and it sucks.

Is this normal? Can slightly loose nuts on one side of the axel for the Main-Cap Bearing Housing Assembly be harmful to Monster-X (that is the name I have given my 26inch Nimbus MUni)or is it normal for unicycles to have a bit of give in the axel area?

The main cap bearing nuts should stay tight. You should have nylock nuts on the Nimbus. Maybe you need to replace the nylock nuts with fresh ones. Nylock nuts have the nylon inserts that are supposed to lock the nut to keep it from working loose. If the nylock insert gets worn it won’t hold and the nut will work itself loose.

Another option is to use a little Loctite threadlocker on the nuts. You can get Loctite threadlocker at most auto parts stores and some hardware stores. The medium strength stuff will be strong enough to keep the main cap bearing nuts tight.

I agree with John, put a drop of Loctite on the threads and tighten those cap nuts one last time.

I suspect that in time, you will actually ride much better with the nuts tight. I know your unicycle will last longer with the nuts tight.

NOTE: One little drop of loctite is all you need, per bolt. --chirokid–