Looking to split a room at NAUCC hotel

Hello, I am starting to plan out my trip for NAUCC.

Is there anyone renting a hotel room that would like to split the costs?

Or…anyone unbooked as of yet and want to go in with me?

Brian, i want to go to NUACC, but i dont know anything about whats going on, whose going, or how i could get there. fill me in dogggg. i wanna go. really bad. i would split a room with you if i went. for serious. write back asap. bedford told me i should go when i was tlaking to him and i wanna go to one of his parties. -Nick

fo shizzle?

that would be swell Nick, here is all I know:


I’ve been talking to my parents and I am trying to get this set up as my senior trip. I am rather excited for it to work out so if anyone has any more information that would be wonderful.

This is from 2005. :wink:

well garbage… lets make one for this year.