Looking To Hire Unicycle Talent In And Around New York City

Just One Wheel, Inc. has been hired to perform/entertain at a very large corporate event/picnic. The event will be held on Saturday, June 21st from 11am to 4pm on two large grass fields at a famous Landmark in New York City. We are hired as one of many entertainers to float and cruise through the crowd while putting smiles on peoples faces. The crowd will consist of a mix of children as well as adults.

What were looking for:
Two or Three unicyclists (male or female) ages 21 and older who can do amazing things on or with a unicycle. These can be tricks, juggling or anything else which will cause a persons jaw to drop. None of which can be seen on any given day. These riders need to be at the top of their game while acting in a professional manor. There is no room for UPD’s, your riding/skills need to be clean and professional.

We will be holding a live audition in NYC during the month of April. The date(s) to be announced within the next week or so. There is also the possibility that a paid rehearsal will take place Friday June 20th. If interested, available and qualified, please submit a short video clip of your skills to adam@justonewheel.com. We will contact you back within a short period of time after viewing your clip.

If chosen, compensation will be determined based upon your riding/entertaining abilities. All qualified riders will be well compensated.

Any and all questions can be e-mailed, PM’d or just call Adam at 516-702-9807.

Thank You in advance.

Adam Cohen
Just One Wheel Inc,

Congratulations on the cool gig there Adam!

I’m a ways out of New York, but I’d head into the city for this event.

that is, if I weren’t racing in Nova Scotia.

It’s time to choose our last rider. Is it going to be YOU?

If you are interested in riding/performing at this event please e-mail (adam@justonewheel.com) or post a short audition clip of yourself doing what you do best. This is a very high profile event and a great opportunity to show your stuff.

If you are interested in taking part in one of Team Just One Wheel’s upcoming events, please submit a video clip for us to place on file. Those who have a clip on file would have the first opportunity to work/ride at one of our upcoming event’s.

Besides a great opportunity to perform in front of many people, it comes with a great day’s pay!

Have fun on ONE!