Looking to buy in Europe

Sadly my bike was stolen last week and I’m looking for a new way of transportation, I’ve been riding uni since more than 15 years ago and would love to get back into the sport, sadly all my ex-unicycles are in the other side of the ocean and I gave them away to nice people.
If someone has a unicycle they are not using and would like to sell please write me through here or comment on the thread. ISIS cranks is the only requirement ,please, European union because of customs, vat and shipping.


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No wheel size requirements?

Not particularly, I just don’t want to break the bank, I’d be as happy with a 19 as well as a 36

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Hello Juan,

In which country are you based?
The biggest place I know to look for used equipment in Germany is:

But I guess sellers wouldn’t be very motivated to ship international

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Thanks for the website, I’m in Portugal and many time we have to buy stuff from Germany, shipping may be feasible but I didn’t find any worthy unicycles there. Thanks, I’ll keep on the lookout

Yes, at least 90% of unicycles there are not very interesting. In between there can be great offers, but then transport can be an issue. Some of those are more interesting:

But then, you are at a good place here, there will be a lot of unicycles in basements of members of the forum! Maybe 10 in my own? But none free to leave at the moment :man_shrugging:
Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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I have a kh26 to sell.
It currently has no hub (bought it for the schlumpf that was inside), but I can buy one and make it rideable.
I haven’t really set a price for it, but it will probably be around 400-500, depends on the cost of the hub, cranks, pedals and shipping).
If you are interested you can reach me by mp.

Hello yes me with protection …

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Hi Juan, I have a 26inch URC fat muni. It is complete of brake too. If you want to know anymore information let me know. Bye, Carlo

Hello, I have a KH29 with disk brake for sale, used but good condition. Only need to align/center the wheel

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I have two unicycles for sell.

This one is the qu-ax Luxus 24 inch with extra tire, ideal for kids or people up to 75 kg. I sell it for 100 euro.

And the other one is
Qu-ax muni 24 inch, I didn’t use this often because I bought a 27.5 not long afterwards. not used much either. Sell it for 210 euro.