Looking to Buy: 24" Miyata Deluxe...

Contact me (lucretius40@hotmail.com) if you have one you’re willing to sell. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Just movin’ this request to the first page. :wink: --bufo_boreas

Why specifically a miyata deluxe? These are getting really rare and hard to get a hold of in North America.

That seems like a fair reason to want one.

But there are now better unicycles available for cheaper, unless he has trashed his and just can’t use another unicycle or something. But it is possible that he doesn’t know what else is out there and just thinks that the miyata is all there really is.

Plus the torker LX 24" is very similar.

Havin’ nine unicycles might qualify me as either uni-savvy or uni-stupid. :slight_smile: Candidly, my hankerin’ for a 24" Miyata Deluxe relates to finding a high-end indoor-friendly unicycle. The 24" Semcycle would work well too, I think. Thanks for your interest! --bufo_boreas