Looking for...

Is there an old video your trying to find?? Post here.

I’m looking for Syko Random Crap. Awesomely, flowly vid. All vids should be filmed like this.


Top result on google

Cool video, I liked when the security guy or whatever was all mad about the rail haha.

Flowy indeed

I have been looking for Owen Kirby’s old videos for a very long time. They are not on the gallery (except Keep Movin’, which I already have) and I checked everywhere on my computer. Owen does not have them either, his computer crashed and he lost everything. I was hoping someone would have saved Body Moving 1 from the time he posted it on the forum…maybe ? …anyone ? :o


hey hugo, Team-mate to the resque! I have that video… and all of owen’s so just add me on MSN and we can figure a way of getting it to you!
P.S i PM’ed you my msn

Wow !

You have no idea how happy I am right now ! You made my day (or was it the awesome ride I just came back from with Émile where we landed a whole bunch of new tricks ? :roll_eyes: ).


Syko Random Crap is in the gallery under Dan Heaton’s profile uni.ryder or whatever I think.

Thanks for this thread.

I’m looking for Shauns old FlipVid#2.
Any ideas?

unicycle.tv maybe :thinking:

But does anyone know where I can find joe hodges his FLUCK 2007 vid???


Thanks! :smiley:
I missed that for so long. I like how boring this is for nonunicyclists an how enjoyable, if you have fun to learn new fliptricks.

If anybody knows an easy way how I can download it at my little i-book, please let me know via pm. Thanks!:slight_smile:

Joe Hodges fluck vid is gawn forever!

Unless someone else downloaded it, and intends to upload it for us.

i´m looking for Kevin McMullins video if and only if. I hate Youtube for deleting it!

haha Zack Baldwin > Security Guard!!!

im pretty sure thats in one of the bonus clips for defect on youtube

I’m pretty sure the security guard was Mike C. :stuck_out_tongue: I could be wrong.

It was an actual security guard as far as I know.
I think there was a discussion about it and Dan said he was an actual guard.

Oh ok, cool.

Looks a lot like Mike tho.

He takes his job seriously, “You’re scratching up the rail!”

I have never ever had that problem. Their usually just like… Wow! Secretly hoping I fall and embarrass myself.