Looking for Unicyclists in Seoul, Korea

It has probably been many years since I’ve used the unicyclist.com forums. I am going to Korea for a 6-month work assignment. I can’t bring my unicycle, but while I’m there, I would love to do a few things. I want to meet a local unicyclist, get photos/videos of them riding, and also look for someone to ride with and/or borrow a unicycle. I also want to visit the unicycle.com shop in Korea if it’s close to Seoul and just do general exploring, photography, and maybe a bit of Couchsurfing (look for me as “Unicycling_Filmmaker”). So, are there any South Korean unicyclists near Seoul that would love to meet me? I am from Washington, DC. You can find out more about me on my website www.josephneigh.com. I also made the unicycle documentary “In Unison” (on my website) as well as many other films, videos, and TV shows. Please send me an email (via my website) since I don’t get on these forums that much, but I will check it from time to time. I will be living in Songnam, just outside of Seoul. Not sure when I’m arriving, probably July-November. Let me know–I want to meet some people and make some friends while I’m there!


I lived in Korea for two years in the late 1990s, in Pyongtaek. I never saw unicycling there, but I did see kids skateboarding a lot outside an American high school. Maybe there’s some unicycling mixed in with the skateboarding by now? Not sure, but it wouldn’t hurt to inquire with the schools’ superintendent (http://www.dodea.edu/Pacific/Korea/schools-by-district.cfm.

Korea has its own unicycling federation (KUF). Here is their website:


Maybe you can try to contact them there, it seems that there are many unicyclists in Korea!!!

You can find more information about the unicycling organisations in Korea here:

Good Luck!!!


Unfortunately the main source of info here is the following, you need a log in with National ID number…


But there are easier ways, Seo SangMan (George) at the Juggling shop in Seoul can help you like he does for me :slight_smile:


There is tons of club road activity in and around Seoul, I’m miles away…:frowning: Mostly 36er riders.

There is a marathon at Incheon this weekend which I have entered, expect I’ll be the slowest 29 rider there! (and that’s only the Half course :stuck_out_tongue: ) There is a Full course. Some of the guys in Seoul go out for 70 - 100km rides in the weekends.

And since you are going to be here for 6 months you will have plenty of time to get ready for the 100km race on November 3rd. :smiley:

If you need to know anything else feel free to pm me.



Hello, Joey!

I am a korean female unicyclist.
We have lots of unicyclist here as Mr.James mentioned below.
There are kinds of regular meetings all over the contry,especially at nearby Seoul and in weekends.
Songnam is close to Seoul so you can meet any korean unicyclist as you want. :slight_smile:

The best thing is that there are 2 big events during your staying here.
one is the annual competiton in October and the other is the ultra marathon in November. So many unicyclists enjoy riding in the latter part of year.
I bet it will be great experiences to you.

It’s my first note in unicylist.com. :>
I need to change my profile above all…tomorrow…
Feel free to ask…

Well, here I am in Korea…2 weeks left!

Thanks for all your replies and info, everyone! Well, I did visit the unicycle.com shop in Seoul, but they were redesigning the store and they didn’t know English so it was kind of an awkward visit for me. You can see my photos here: www.flickr.com/photos/jneigh

Anyway, I fly home on September 4th. My job ends August 31 so from that day on until I fly home, I am looking for a place to stay. Doing couchsurfing(.org) but nobody seems to be responding to my requests. I hope in the little time I have left, I can meet another unicyclist and maybe go for a ride. If not, oh well.

Please PM me or email me (www.josephneigh.com) if you would like to help me out in any way!


I visited your web site and saw a lots of photographs.
We had a regular meeting to ride unicycle in August, Even though very hot summer days.
But, unfortunately I did not check your comment here.

You mentioned about 6-month above.
is it finish early?
Do you have a plan to come Korea again?
than contact me jason413@naver.com.

Hopefully, You have a nice memory from Korea.

I will visit Seul (or rather Anyang) for a week of business trip mid October. Due to the work I will be located somewhere south in Seul (Gangnam or Geumcheon) and I have three questions:

  • Is it easy to commute/ride around in Seul on unicycle? I would like to bring my 27.5", but as I will not have that much time, I’m thinking if it is worth trouble on the flight.
  • Is there any reasonable online map for cycle planning in Korea? I tried Google maps, but the only option I have is public transport and it does not tell the distance.
  • Are there any uni activities planned mid October? It would be great to meet other unicyclists while being there.