Looking for Riders Interested in a Fundraiser. Goal: Build a school.

Hey Unicyclists,

Before Ride the Lobster, many people asked me if it was a fundraiser and offered to pledge money for the ride. While Ride the Lobster did support Ryan’s Well, it was sort of an afterthought. Of course, this made sense; Ride the Lobster was not a fundraiser, it was a race (and what a race it was!) However with RTL said and done, I’d like to do something good though unicycling.

The organization that I plan to fundraise for is called Free the Children. They are a Canadian based charity who help children mostly though education. Our goal would be to build a school in Sierra Leone. The school building program is called Brick by Brick, and here is how Free the Children explains it:

The concept is simple. Riders organize a ride (distance, muni, trials, whatever) and collect pledges. At the end, we put all of the pledges together and see what we end up with. I’m actually working with a youth group, so even if we do not raise the total funds required for the Brick by Brick campaign, they will continue to fundraise until the goal is met. Currently they have $1700. $6000 buys a 1 classroom school. I think this is a very realistic goal.

I’m just looking for interest at this point. No dates have been set and no criteria of what the ride has to be. I want these details to come from the community rather than me. However, the target date will probably fall some time around Spring 2009.

Interested? Want more info? Reply here with questions, but please email me too if you are truly interested in being part of an like this. I’ll keep an email list which makes it much easier to contact you. My email address is in my signature.

Thanks for your interest,


I am very interested in this. However, I am fairly new to distance unicycling(The most I’ve ever done is 11 miles). I do feel like I am improving quickly though, and if anyone decided to set up an event in the greater DC area, I would train my hardest to prepare for it.

The idea would be to get people to prepare rides in their own areas. If you are interested, you could set your own route and raise pledges. It takes someone to start the process. If there are other distance riders in DC, contact them about it.

Well the thing is, I’m so new to this that I’m not even sure how to plan a route around the area. I’ve spotted a couple other riders with DC in their location, but I can’t remember any names. If I spy one, I’ll be sure to shoot them a PM.

Good luck! I’ll update when I’ve found anything out about the DC area ride.