Looking for Nike shoes (for flatland and freestyle)

I’m looking for some Nike shoes mostly for flatland and freestyle riding. I’ve heard the Air Mogan should be good. I’ve tried some Zoom Mogan that I liked pretty much, but which do you think is better?


Or this?

I’ve had really bad experiences with shoes that has soles that is made with more than one piece of rubber… What I’d be looking for if I was you is for a shoe that has a one piece sole. I’ve been riding 5.10 Freerider shoes for about 7 months now (new record for me!) and the sole is all in one piece which is awesome. I’ve heard that the Nike 6.0 were really good, I’ve never tried them though.

The 2 pairs you posted look like the have a sole made in several pieces… Which is not good for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve used the second one and it’s the best out of the shoes I’ve tried, I haven’t tried the other one though.

I see alot of unicyclist into Nike shoes for unicycling. I’ve been riding with Adidas for the past 4 or 5 years. So far 4 pair of shoes that I went through.

I’ve been using these for over than a year now. It lived through 2 summers so far

I prefer adidas shoes over nike shoes because they are not overpriced, wide range of models and colors, great durability. Pretty much any adidas shoes with that kind of sole with last you a while… those soles are tough!

That being said, you always have to look at the construction of the shoe, the stiffness and the sole, whatever brand they are. I don’t recommend buying online, some shoes will be awesome for some, but horrible for other.

Mid mogan 6.0 forever !!!

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I’ve had my Nike Zoom Air 6.0’s for 3 years now (granted, I’ve only been unicycling for a year) and they’re still holding up. Great all around shoes. I think you can pick 'em up for 40 bucks.

The sole on them looks really thick, how’s the feel for the pedals with them?

You don’t feel the pedal as much as cheap-ass shoes, but you definitly feel the pedal enough (and I’ve been using extra special soles for my feet which are crooked).

They last long enough, that’s what’s up with them, hence why they are worth what you pay for IMO.

Yes I totally agree! Nike bugs the hell out of me. I recommend Adidas Cieros:

Good one piece cup sole, pretty stiff in the arch (which i like with my high arches), and thinner in the forefoot for good pedal feel. I agree, adidas’ soles are super durable.

Sounds like the Adidas soles have a larger durability than the Nike’s, which is really important for me, since I can’t afford buying new shoes all the time :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve been riding 5.10 for one year an a half. The first pair was just one big hole. The second are still rideable, but it has a 7cm hole in the sole, and the third also has a beginning hole in the sole (about 3cm). My brother rode trials on some weeks with the third pair. I rode like 3 times on them and then they had the hole. The hole comes because I always land with my right foot on the crank, so I get’s worn really fast.
Think I will go to a shop look at some Nike and compare them to some Adidas, then go home and buy them for the half on the internet :wink:

This is my second pair of 5.10 shoes, a Freerider Purple Galaxy