Looking for Miyata seat

Unicycle.com is out of Miyata seats for another year, and I can’t wait that long. Does anybody know where I can get one?

Provided it fits on a KH seat post.

Get a Torker LX saddle. It’s a copy of the Miyata saddle.

The Miyata saddle uses a different bolt pattern than the KH seat. The Miyata seat will not fit on a KH seatpost. You’ll need a new seatpost.

The only seatpost that can fit either the Miyata or KH seat is the GB4 Universal Seatpost


I have two versions on stock:





In reply to what John said, i have a torker TX saddle which is in the Miyata style and therefore i presume the same as the other torker seat that can be fitted in place of a miyata, i’ve found this saddle to be incredibly uncomfortable, the KH on my Muni beats it hands down, i’ve never ridden on a miyata so can;t comment but the TX saddle is def. not a good buy in my opinion


Darren Bedford has green miyata saddles. They are the good quality ones, with strong plastic. I bought one when I was at Toque. I think the new torker saddles are basically the same, but for me part of the reason I like the miyata’s so much is the colors!



It all depends on the type of riding you’re doing. For freestyle and trials the Miyata is plenty comfortable. For Coker riding or muni riding a KH would be more comfortable or an air seat conversion on the Miyata.

The Miyata has a better shape for freestyle riding. It’s easier to pull the seat out for freestyle skills. Its thinner shape makes it easier to hold. Its shallower “U” shape means that you can move around a little bit on the saddle to shift your weight forward or back. That’s why it’s better for freestyle.

You can also change the foam in the Miyata seat. Some people use neoprene. Many of the more serious freestyle riders are using modified Miyata seats to either stiffen them up or make them more comfortable.

For the KH Fusion you can cut the foam down to make it thinner and more suitable for freestyle. There’s also the Koxx-One saddle which is basically a KH with thinner foam.

So what saddle is best depends on what type of riding you plan to do. There is no one answer.

I’m going to use it for trials. From what I’ve read it’s really a matter of preference. I’ve never riddena Miyata, but I hear they’re nice for seat out stuff.

The seat post widths are the same right?

The Miyata seatpost is a 22.2 mm diameter.
I’m not sure what diameter the Torker LX seatpost is. It may be 25.4 mm.
Unfortunately it looks like Unicycle.com is out of stock of the Miyata posts and they don’t show the Torker LX posts in the catalog. You can call them and ask if they have the Torker LX seatposts. Or you can see what Darren Bedford has.

What frame do you have? None of the KH frames take a 22.2 mm seatpost. I think they’re all 27.2 mm.

Since you already have a KH seatpost the easier solution would be to get a KH Fusion seat and cut the foam down to half thickness. Cutting foam an be difficult to do smoothly. An electric carving knife can give good results or a sharp serrated bread knife.

then all you need is a Viscount seat.

… and a handle

no not really, its mostly seat out in trials and the Viscount is the most comfy for that.

Viscount eh…Will that fit a summit frame? Or rather, is the seat post diamter the same as the KH post?

Summits were sold with a shim to fit a 27.2 seat post. the KH post is 27.2 also. so yes.

A KH Handle fits nicely on a Viscount .